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What our dogs teach us

What has your dog taught you? My mutt reminds me of a few things every day, like to always be forgiving, to listen and to have an open mind. He likes to try new things, travel, meet others and learn.

My mutt is happy to start every day and lives each day to its fullest. He never turns down an opportunity to hang out with friends. He does not need a lot of possessions in order to feel fulfilled. He likes to just sit and ponder life. He appreciates nature and enjoys a long walk. He never lets down his workout buddy. My mutt will indulge in a good meal and is not afraid to take a nap.

My mutt doesn’t judge, he just loves everyone, dog or human, for who they are. He knows appearances aren’t everything, likes to goof around and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. He speaks out when upset but shrugs things off when they’re not worth it. He never starts a fight, never holds a grudge, never lies. He is always there.

My mutt teaches me how to be a better friend.

Black lab mix Ace sitting at the shore of Lake Superior

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