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10 reasons to buy an electric fence

I can’t say enough good things about the electric fence or invisible fence for dogs.

An electric fence is simply an underground wire that circles the area where your dog is allowed. The dogs wear dog shock collars that beep once they are a few feet from the boundaries. The beep reminds the dogs to turn around and stay within the boundaries, or they will receive a vibration from the collar. While the dog learns where the boundaries are, you can mark the area with small flags.

Even though I recommend electric fences, there are some negative sides to think about, so check back soon for those.

10 reasons why electronic fences are great for dogs

1. All dogs can learn to use an electric fence.
Nearly all dogs can learn to use an electric fence. It doesn’t matter what size or breed your dog is. The only dogs I wouldn’t train to use an electric fence are deaf dogs, blind dogs, extremely fearful dogs or puppies. Just wait until your puppy is at least six months old before training him to use an electric fence.

2. Training a dog to use an electric fence is easy.
 My mutt learned to use the electric fence and be trusted loose in my parents’ yard after one day. Ace has never ran through the boundaries, and he got two vibrations the first day. That’s all it took. We go to my parents’ house for a day every month or so, and he remembers how to use it every time with no reminders. It’s best to train your dog slowly, step by step. Even then, most dogs will learn within a few days or a week. Without an electric fence, it would’ve taken me months or years to train my dog to stay in a yard unsupervised.

3. An electric fence gives your dog a lot more freedom and exercise.
With an electric fence, Ace is free to run in the yard without being tied. It allows him to get more exercise, and I don’t have to be watching him constantly.

4. A dog can’t jump over or dig under an electronic fence.
A physical fence is a problem for many dog owners. My golden retriever knew how to climb fences and slip under them. Plus, there was always the possibility that the gate could come open. There’s always a chance the dog will get out of a fenced yard. None of these are issues with an electric fence.

5. You do not have to worry about your dog running away.
I know Ace will not cross the boundaries of the electric fence for anything. I would bet on it. My mutt is obsessed with a tennis ball, and he will not even cross the line for a ball. It’s really rare for any dog to cross his electric fence boundaries once he has learned where they are.

6. You can change the settings to increase or decrease the vibrations.
 A yorkie is going to need less of a vibration than a Saint Bernard. You are able to control the settings and adjust them to what’s best for your dog.

7. You don’t have to have a physical fence.
If you don’t like the look of a fence in your yard, then the electric fence is perfect for you because nothing is visible. An electric fence works well in a large yard of a few acres or more. An actual fence is a hassle, unattractive, expensive and can block your view.

8. You can adjust the electric fence to fit any shape.
 You can use an electric fence to fit any shape or size, as long as the two ends meet to create an enclosure. For example, my parents had a wooden-fenced backyard, but their electric fence went around the backyard and into the front yard. This gave us the option of allowing our dogs in the front yard without putting a fence in that area.

9. An electric fence is a good way to keep dogs out of gardens.
You can get pretty creative with the electric fence. Put the boundaries a few feet back from your flower garden and your dog will have to stay out of your flowers. You can also use it to block other areas of your yard such as a pond, beach, driveway or volleyball court.

10. An electric fence costs less than a real fence.
It depends on the company you go with, but an electric fence will probably cost less than any other fence. For a few hundred dollars, you will receive the wire, collars, installation and some basic instruction. Some companies give you the option of installing the electric fence yourself.

Do you use an electric fence? What do you like about it?

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