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Weekly question: What dog breed is your favorite?

I don’t have a favorite breed of dog. I like labs and goldens, German shepherds, rottweilers and boxers. I also wouldn’t mind owning a Bernese mountain dog or a pitbull.

I guess I should be a good mom and say my favorite “breed” is a lab/pointer/coonhound mix. That’s what I think my mutt is (nobody knows).

But I think if I had to pick one breed as my favorite, I would go with the German shepherd. At least that’s my favorite breed at this very second. They’re intellegent, pretty, loyal, athletic and eager to learn. I would love to own one some day.

So, what’s your favorite breed (at this moment)?

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Tuesday 20th of May 2008

Not sure I have a favourite breed, although I am loving the temprement of a Dane which I would say is a mix of gentle and goofy... Except for Lucy I have always loved bigger dogs, and athletic dogs as I am an outdoors kinda girl... be they purebred or your mutt...

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Bonnie Story

Tuesday 20th of May 2008

I am addicted to terriers right now, I'm obsessed with Scottish Terriers. I have a Scottie mix right now, she's awesome! I wish I could find another but I'm afraid I won't.

I think when we get the house built and add another dog, it will be a mixed breed pound puppy. Maybe a lab mix, a Rott mix or Heeler cross of some sort. I bet it will be a black dog since they tend to pile up at shelters.

If I could have a purebred, hopefully I could find a healthy one! That's my concern about purebreds, that by the time you find one that is well-bred enough to be healthy, you are in over a thousand bucks, then you go to the vet and spend that much again -- not in my budget. If I could skip the big bucks, I would get a perfectly bred Scotty or Pug!! Tee-hee.

I have to comment about Megan's post - "The only breed I am wary of is Chows. And Dalmatians. Bad experiences with both." I could not agree more!!! Chows tend to be so miserable with skin conditions, fungus in their wrinkles, overheated, poor eyesight, infected ears, etc, and grumpy. Dalmatians are extremely prone to epilepsy, which can be OK if it's treated, but undiagnosed/untreated epileptic dogs can have a tens of small and large seizures a day which makes them very prone to bad behavior, unpredictable, grouchy, etc. Oftentimes people just think their dog is "nippy", "spaced out" or "stubborn" when actually it can be seizures. Pretty sad.

Another great question, Lindsay! Love your blog. Woof!!


Monday 19th of May 2008

I have to say Rat Terrier cause my mazzie dog is the best.. lol We did have an awesome beagle for a short time and I miss him all the time.

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Ty Brown

Monday 19th of May 2008

Rotties are my favorite and GSDs are my second favorite

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Lindsay Stordahl

Monday 19th of May 2008

Ha, yeah, pugs are pretty cute, Vee. I loved Milo and Otis.

I am starting to like malamutes more and more, partly because of your blog, Megan.

And Mayra, you know I also love goldens!