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Weekly question: Is it OK for other people’s dogs to poop on your lawn?

There doesn’t seem to be a universal agreement here. I think it’s OK if a dog poops on someone’s lawn as long as the owner picks it up. A friend of mine disagrees, saying this is rude and she does not let her dogs get away with doing so. She gets upset when people let their dogs onto her lawn, whereas I could care less. Maybe it’s because I currently live in an apartment and don’t have my own lawn. I do always pick up after my dog, and I expect all dog owners to do the same.

What do you think? Is it OK for other people’s dogs to poop on your lawn? What if they pick it up?


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Lindsay Stordahl

Tuesday 1st of July 2008

People don't pick it up very well at my apartment complex. It is the worst in the winter, with white snow everywhere, mixed with frozen poop no one bothers to pick up all winter. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who picks up after my dog.


Monday 30th of June 2008

I dont mind AS LONG as they pick it up. I catch people at the dog park that wont pick up after their dogs either and it really irks me.

I get mad because I always carry a roll of bags and pick up after my dogs. Tons of people in our neighborhood don't. Who do you think will catch the blame? The crazy lady with all the big dogs is who!

Fuzzy Logic

Monday 30th of June 2008

Well, honestly I try to get my dogs to go between the sidewalk and the road. I figure that kids sometimes play in their front yards and even though I pick up the poo, it leaves a bit of a schmear.. (no bagels for me today, thanks)... that goes for weeing as well... it's my preference if people would attempt the same courtesy.. I'd like to use the lavender in my front yard.

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Lindsay Stordahl

Monday 30th of June 2008

I try to make Ace wait until we get to a park or somewhere off a path that is not someone's yard, but it is not always possible. I don't leave it unless we are really in a rugged area with lots of brush, or I've used up all three or four bags I brought along on the walk. Ha.

castocreations (hzk)

Monday 30th of June 2008

What the heck? How does she STOP her dogs? When my dogs have to go, they have to go and all the pulling in the world is not going to stop them from squatting.

If we don't have a bag with us, we continue our walk and I grab a bag on our way around the neighborhood so I can go back and pick it up.

Of course, when not in a yard we tend to leave it as long as it is off path. But not always. Just depends on our mood and whether we have a baggie. :)

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