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30-day challenge: Teach your dog five new commands (intro)

Today is July 1 and the start of my new 30-day challenge. I am taking the suggestions of others and plan on teaching my mutt five new tricks in 30 days. He knows all the basics, plus a few fun ones like speak and high-five, and more useful commands such as drop, jump and climb it.

The five commands I will teach Ace this month are bang (play dead), bucket (put his toy in a bucket), go long (run several yards out to receive a long pass), crawl and roll over.

Bang and roll over explain themselves. For crawl, I hope to get Ace to crawl across the room on his belly. Bucket and go long will be used because my mutt is such a ball nut that I might as well incorporate some tricks into playing fetch. I have not thought out how I will teach Ace some of these, as I’ve never known anyone who taught her dog to “go long.”

Anyway, I will document Ace’s progress and how I teach each trick. I won’t teach them all at once or he will get too confused. Sometimes he already goes through and performs half the stuff he knows, hoping one is right when I ask him to do something. That is a sign that he is learning too much too fast. I will teach one or two new tricks at a time and go from there.

Want to participate in this challenge? What five things will you teach your dog this month?

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Black lab mix mutt wearing a blue collar and a prong pinch collar sitting in the grass


Saturday 19th of July 2008

Great blog.. I'm working on some tricks too. Go long is going to be hard..


Thursday 3rd of July 2008

Good luck with it Lindsay...Im with Biggie... Chels got out this week and scattered the neghbourhood kids in all directions...

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Lindsay Stordahl

Tuesday 1st of July 2008

Biggie, I think anything should count. Ha. I should've picked "Stop trying to get into the catbox" as one. :)

You should all do the challenge too.


Tuesday 1st of July 2008

Awesome challenge! I want to play along too!

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Tuesday 1st of July 2008

What a very good idea. You'll both also learn patience and understanding.

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