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What is the silliest game you play with your dog?

Emily from My Lime had this question, What is the silliest game you play with your dog?

I don’t have a lot of games I play with Ace, but I like to goof around with him and make fun of him. One thing I do is throw a blanket over his whole body, spin him around and see how quickly he can get out (not quick). He also likes to find things I hide and run back and forth between Josh and I as we run in opposite directions. Sometimes I play hide and seek with Ace, but I am always the one to hide. He also knows “get Scout,” which means to find my cat.

How about you? What games do you play with your dog? Ace and I could use some new game ideas.

Saint Lover

Thursday 4th of September 2008

hmmm there is nothing silly about dog games. I think every one of them is a beautiful testament to the love, adoration and trust between a dog and his master.

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Wednesday 3rd of September 2008

Biggie loves to play games, but the two silliest I suppose are hide and seek (or "find it" where he finds a hidden toy), and the game I call "baby puppy."

In Baby Puppy, he lies on the floor on his back and paws gently at my hands while I gently grab his paws and snout. Biggie licks and mouths my hands and fingers, and I swear he lies there with a big goofy smile on his face. We started doing this with him when he was a tiny puppy to make sure he accepted our dominance; now he just loves to play the game with us.

Pictures of "baby puppy" here:

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Cynthia Blue

Wednesday 3rd of September 2008

LOL that is a very funny picture!

We don't play many games, either. Just the training and sports... but my friend has one of those bells they have at hotel counters, that her dogs ring. They'll even run to the other room, ring the bell, and come back for a click and treat!

K9 Amiga

Wednesday 3rd of September 2008

when he was a puppy id tie a towel around him and let him free himself. it was adorable, eventually he got better at dancing his way out of it than i was a making tricky knots

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Tuesday 2nd of September 2008

I really need to play more games with my dog! He is a big and wonderful hound and would love the blanket game so I am going to try that!!!

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