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Canines in costume

A doberman in bunny ears, a pug in a chicken suit, a Bernese mountain dog as King Tut. Wow, who knew dogs other than chihuahuas got dressed up? At first I thought “InDognito: A Book of Canines in Costume” by Karen Ngo would be just another dog-photo book that’s been done too many times. Well, it pretty much is. But that’s OK because people always like to look at cute animals, especially dogs.

It was nice to see a variety of breeds  (photo below is not one of Ngo’s photos). Even a few mutts dressed in their best and made an appearance. Paging through “InDognito,” I was jealous I didn’t come up with this idea first. I thought of doing something similar like “mutts in drag,” but I don’t think that would go over as well. These photos are gorgeous, showing each individual dog’s personality – or at least tolerance.

I am not one to dress up my pets, but it is funny to embarrass and annoy them every now and then (like by throwing them a birthday party). I have considered dressing my cat Scout up as a princess this Halloween just because it would be cute. Is that bad?

Well, if you’re into cute dog pictures and dressing up your dog, you would really enjoy the book “InDognito.” Or, you could give it away as a gift, which is what I’m going to do.

If you’d like a chance to win a copy of InDognito ($19.99, Hachette Book Group US), I am offering a contest. There will be two winners, one will receive a copy of “InDognito” and the other will receive a copy of “Bliss to You,” by golden retriever Trixie Koontz. There are three ways to enter. You can choose one or enter all three ways if you wish:

1. Write a guest post for That Mutt

2. Write a review of That Mutt

3. Answer the following questions about That Mutt either by emailing me at or leaving me a comment:
– What have you learned from my blog? How has it helped you?
– What types of posts do you enjoy reading (30-day challenges, personal stories of Ace and I, breed profiles, weekly questions, training and behavior posts, etc.)
– What posts do you skip over or find really boring (see above)?
– What would you like to see more of?
– Anything else?

The contest ends Thursday, Oct. 2 at noon. Anyone who enters will get a link and mention on my blog. Of course, I will publish all guest posts assuming they are appropriate for my blog.

Thank you!

Jack Russell terrier in a dinosaur dog costumer

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Lindsay Stordahl

Monday 29th of September 2008

Thursday is the deadline. Thanks Mayra!

Mayra Calvani

Sunday 28th of September 2008

Oh this is great! I'll probably write a review for Blogcritics, my blog and Ezine Articles. What's the deadline?

Mayra Calvanis last blog post..Review of The Tiniest Tiger, by Joanne L. McGonagle

Lindsay Stordahl

Sunday 28th of September 2008

Thanks Abby! I'll look forward to your answers.

Abz & Chels

Sunday 28th of September 2008

Mmmm food for thought, I'll answer the question one for you..but not to win a book as its not practical to start posting books down under...but just for the feedback...

I'd do the guest post but nothing has inspired me lately (besides except for someone arguing with me on the fact I think mandatory desexing of non-breeder (and should be some set criteria for that) dogs should be legislated with stiff penalties or the other is I dont agree with the Caesar Milan obsession, or the trend towards anthropomorphism of dogs Mmmm none of them popular subjects... so i will stick to the

Abz & Chelss last blog post..Socialisation


Friday 26th of September 2008

LOL that pic is so cute and the books sounds great, I will have to look out for it!

Emilys last blog post..Catching the last of the sunshine!