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Weekly question: How many pets do you have?

Josh and I live with the mutt and two cats. Believe me, if I were single I would have at least one more cat by now. I have the potential to easily become the next crazy cat lady. But for now, it’s two people, two cats and one dog in a two-bedroom apartment. We’ll have to make it two dogs sometime soon, just so it’s even.

How many animals do you live with? And at what point do you decide you have enough animals?

Three orange kittens in a box

Liza S.

Wednesday 1st of October 2008

Right now I live with Keeda the dog and Ergo the cockatiel and that's already too much for me! I love animals but with my job if I got any more pets I simply wouldn't have time to give them all the attention they deserve. I'm already struggling in that aspect :S

Abz & Chels

Tuesday 30th of September 2008

Im thinking two teenage Danes and a MalteseXShiztu are going to be enough for this girl to handle. I think as long as you can feed, train, nurture, medical etc theres no set number, some shouldnt have one dog, others can handle six...

Im not a cat person, I dont think they should be in Australia at all, they have decimated our natural fauna...Odd my son grew up to be a cat

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Tuesday 30th of September 2008

I have one more dog than the city And one cat who came and never left.

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Saint Lover

Tuesday 30th of September 2008

I am ashamed to say I have SIX dogs


Tuesday 30th of September 2008

I'm thinking three dogs is where I'd like to be. However I've been thinking that the position for dog number three could be for foster dogs. This of course would take place if we ever move to a bigger house.

If I wasn't allergic to cats we would SOOOO have a cat by now.

Yes I think 3 is the magic number.

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