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What is the best collar for dog training?

If dog owners are opinionated on one thing, it’s collars. Here’s your chance to voice your opinion on why you should or should not use a certain collar.

I’ll go first:

The two collars I recommend are the Halti and the pinch collar.

Every dog is different, and there is no collar best for all dogs. But for the average medium or large dog, the best training collar is the pinch collar. With a quick leash pop as a correction, the dog learns not to pull.

Of course, it takes a lot of time, patience and practice to get to the point where the dog heels reliably, but the pinch collar is a good tool to use to get to that point, especially with powerful dogs.


The pinch (or prong) collar is similar to a typical training (or choke) collar, but it is more effective. With my mutt’s short, smooth coat, a regular training collar constantly slips to the thickest part of his neck where it is useless. The pinch collar remains high on his neck and rarely needs adjusting.

Some people will say pinch collars are inhumane. Personally, I think it’s inhumane to have my arm ripped off.

Still, I know many people have issues with the pinch collar and will not use one under any circumstance. Other dogs pull so bad even with the pinch collar that they could hurt themselves. That is when I recommend a Halti.

Haltis are basically the same as Gentle Leaders. Both are head collars that minimize a dog’s pulling. Even for the worst cases when a dog pulls no matter what, the pulling is less noticeable when the dog wears a Halti.

The problem with Haltis is dogs will go right back to pulling once they are on a regular collar. For some people, that’s OK, they just depend on the Halti and use it all the time.

I don’t want to depend on any kind of training collar, so I switch back and forth between the two kinds while trying to use a regular, flat collar as often as possible.

For what it’s worth, Ace prefers the pinch collar. Although he tolerates them, he hates Gentle Leaders and Haltis because having something around his muzzle makes him feel restricted (or shall I say under control!). I don’t think he even knows when he has his pinch collar on.

What collar do you think is best for dog training?

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