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Where does your dog sit in the car?

I have to ask this question because so many people let their dogs do whatever they want in the car, and it looks so dangerous. Ace sits in the back seat of my car. That would be why there is a towel back there and tons of hair and drool. The windows are also covered in nose prints. No one else ever volunteers to sit back there because of the nice dog odor.

I began training Ace to stay in the back seat since his very first car ride with me. Of course, there were times when he would sneak up to the front from passenger seat while I ran into a store for a few minutes. But I only let him in and out through the back doors. Since that is his ticket out, he stays in the back for the most part. When he was still learning, it was easier for him to stay in the back when I got out if I parked so the back of my car was towards where I was going. That way he could watch me from the back seat, and he had no reason to climb into the front.

My cat on the other hand rides in the passenger seat of my car, or even in my lap. Unless he’s in his carrier, he’s too good to sit in the back with a dog.

Where have you taught your dog to stay in the car?

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