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Get your copy of ‘Loving Our Dogs’

Piper the blue merle great dane sleeping by the fire

“Chicken Soup for the Soul: Loving Our Dogs” is a collection of 101 dog stories originally published in other Chicken Soup books.

I have to admit that after reading so many books on dog behavior and training and spending so much time thinking about life from a dog’s point of view, it was hard for me to get into plain old stories about people’s pets. I kept thinking things like: Why don’t you just walk your dog if he’s so hyper? And, stop humanizing your dog! He is not wondering what that sign says.

But after reading the first few stories such as, “Refrigerator Commando” about a beagle mix that kept raiding the refrigerator, I thought of all the crazy things dogs do and how their owners love them anyway. This book is about ordinary people and the dogs that have affected their lives. Plus, most of the stories are about plain, old mutts!

After reading the fourth story, “The Game of Love,” about a German shepherd mix that ends up getting hit by a car, I was worried I’d be reading 101 versions of “Old Yeller.” But among the stories that could make you cry are enough stories to make you smile, too.

I have a copy of “Loving Our Dogs” to give away to the top commenter between now and next Friday at midnight. So, if you have never left a comment on my blog before, now’s the time to start!

Above is a picture of Ace’s dane friend Piper who really enjoyed our fireplace when she came to visit.


Sunday 9th of November 2008

Sounds like a fun read.

Maries last blog post..Today is a good day!

Saint Lover

Saturday 8th of November 2008

I have always loved the Chicken Soup books... I'll have to check it out.


Friday 7th of November 2008

I agree about the "among the stories that could make you cry are enough stories to make you smile, too."

I sometimes have a hard time watching "Animal Precinct" for that very reason. But there's usually a happy ending for most of the animals that they show.


Friday 7th of November 2008

That sounds like a cute book!

Christys last blog post..Friday!!!

Ty Brown

Friday 7th of November 2008

I love the chicken soup series