How long is he willing to hold it?

After surveying the scene at the front door …

Black lab mix staring at the snow drift covering the door

… the back door …

Black lab mix stares at the snow out the door

… and the garage door …

Black lab mix with snow over his head at the door

… Ace came to the conclusion that it sucks being a North Dakota dog on Prednisone in the winter, and that indoor grass for dogs doesn’t sound like such a bad idea after all.

Black lab mix wearing a camo vest in a blizzard

15 thoughts on “How long is he willing to hold it?”

  1. Ace, you definitely have my sympathies!!! I too have a big snow drift by the front door. I went out to shovel it for a while and took Jake with me. Jake decided to try climbing over the big snow pile and got himself stuck. It was funny watching him try to “swim” out of the snow. Ever since I rescued him out of the snow and put him back into the house he has refused to go back outside. I think it is going to be a long winter.

  2. Lindsay Stordahl

    Ha, we should move to California!

    Patti, I can just picture Jake stuck in a snow bank! Haha! I hope you took pictures.

    Foofur and Boris can trade places with us anytime.

  3. Whoa!! That is a LOT of snow!! And so cold! I was fussing about the cold here in CO today (it is -16 this morning) but we don’t have anything like this amount of snow!! Yikes!! Stay safe and warm!

  4. So just to make you all laugh, it is about 55 degrees and raining in Los Angeles today and we are all bundled up like there is a blizzard outside. Everyone (me included) is complaining about it. I shared your pics with some colleagues and they said they’ll stop complaining…for about 5 minutes!

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