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How long is he willing to hold it?

After surveying the scene at the front door …

Black lab mix staring at the snow drift covering the door

… the back door …

Black lab mix stares at the snow out the door

… and the garage door …

Black lab mix with snow over his head at the door

… Ace came to the conclusion that it sucks being a North Dakota dog on Prednisone in the winter, and that indoor grass for dogs doesn’t sound like such a bad idea after all.

Black lab mix wearing a camo vest in a blizzard

Abz & Chels

Tuesday 23rd of December 2008

sll I can say is Wow!

Lindsay Stordahl

Wednesday 17th of December 2008

Haha, thanks Apryl! I'll have to post some more snow pictures soon.

Apryl DeLancey

Wednesday 17th of December 2008

I keep coming back to these pics so that I convince myself that I am not that cold here...

Oh, and I keep sharing it with everyone...I bet this page gets a lot of hits!

Saint Lover

Monday 15th of December 2008

OMG look at all that snow! And I though Ohio winters suck! Poor Ace, That indoor grass doesnt sound like too bad of an idea even with out the prednisone!


Monday 15th of December 2008

Oh my goodness! Your pictures are making me cold...