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DogPause bowl

The DogPause bowl is designed to make your dog eat slower because it is divided into four small compartments. The bowl should reduce vomiting, gagging, gas, belching and the risk of bloat, according to the company’s web site.

This bowl isn’t a magical solution, but when you have pets who eat without stopping to breathe, slowing them down a few seconds is worth it.

Even if your dog isn’t a fast eater, eating from this bowl is a mental challenge for a lot of dogs. I also fed my cat Beamer from this bowl, and it turned out to be a lot more effective for him than my dog as you can see in the videos below.

When my dog Ace eats from his regular bowl, he does not stop to breathe and is done eating two cups in about a minute and a half.

Beamer eats a quarter cup in about a minute and a half.


When Ace eats from the DogPause bowl, he does stop to breathe and he eats about 20 seconds slower. So, not much of a difference.

But when Beamer eats from the DogPause bowl, he has to reach his paws into each compartment and grab handfuls of food because his face doesn’t fit in the bowl. This slows him down to about five minutes. Who knew this bowl would work well for food-obsessed cats?

I also tried giving Ace water from the bowl, and that helped slow him down somewhat as well. My dog is obsessed with drinking water.

One thing that’s annoying about this bowl is even my cat is able to push it around when he eats. It is made of cheap plastic and is very light. It would work better if it were held in place by a stand.

Lindsay Stordahl

Monday 9th of March 2009

That's a great idea! I should try that with my cat. He eats like a pig.


Monday 9th of March 2009

If you can't afford a special bowl, and your dog isn't that big, we used golf balls. Put one or two golf balls in their food bowl, and they have to work around the balls to get to their food. Worked great for our first Corgi, but the one we have now is more curious... she put the golf ball in her mouth. The other one never bothered with them.


Saturday 17th of January 2009

Our new pound puppy, Cali, is such a sweetheart! She eats her food very quickly. Every loves her! However, she has the most potent gas - it literally clears a room. The other morning, I found my son on the couch. He'd left his room to get away from the smell! This just might be the solution...


Friday 2nd of January 2009

Interesting! I have heard about these, and have wondered if they would help out my Henry kitty. He is a fast eater and it makes him sick! (I think it is his instinct to eat while there is food. He was dumped as a kitten and had to forage!) I might have to try it out! Thanks for your research!

the three dog blogger

Friday 2nd of January 2009

I wonder if this would work for Jet our puppy.

She gets the most food but finishes in half the time of the others. She is food obsessed. She just doesn't chew. She just gulps it down in a food frenzy.

I always think she is going to be sick but it is very rare she is. She seems to have a really strong consitution which I am very thankful for.