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Male pit bull terrier needs rescue

There is a male pit bull terrier in one of the Fargo-area pounds scheduled to be euthanized soon if no one saves him today (Tuesday). 02/25/09 edit: The pitbull was saved and has a foster home lined up!

The fact that this dog is a pitbull means his chances of being rescued are slim even though he has done well around other dogs and is a manageable 40 pounds.

With my close connections with dog rescue groups, I become aware of dogs like this pitbull often, and it’s difficult to say no. I can’t save them all. Most weeks I don’t save any.

Most people feel the same way as me – life is too hectic to save a dog right now. What if he’s aggressive? What if he’s not housebroken? What if he barks when I’m gone? What will I do with him this weekend?

But the opposite is also true. What if he’s a sweet dog? What if he could be someone’s best friend? What if he could change your life or someone else’s?

We can’t save every dog, but we can all do something. If you’ve considered fostering a dog before, now is the time to do it. This pitbull and so many others like him are waiting to be rescued. Maybe you can make a difference and save a life this year.

Below is Jesse, an American pit bull terrier who is waiting for a forever home. He was lucky enough to be pulled from the pound before he was euthanized. For more information about Jesse, check out his profile with 4 Luv of Dog Rescue. Edit: Jesse has been adopted!

Lindsay Stordahl

Friday 4th of September 2009

He was saved, and the dog in the photo recently went to a new home.


Friday 4th of September 2009

he is sooooo cute! he looks JUST like my dog stryker i hope he makes it...


Friday 27th of February 2009

Lindsay, Dutch came from the pound in Brookings, South Dakota. The pound kept him for 2 weeks (which is much longer than required) as they kept hoping his family would come for him. They were notified but they never came. I coordinated with the Brookings Humane Society, who was too full to take him, to have him pulled and they found a volunteer to drive him to Watertown where I picked him up.

Esther Garvi

Thursday 26th of February 2009

Dogs in need of adoption makes me think of Sheba's breeders in Sweden. They were really selective and didn't let people choose a puppy, but chose the right one for the right family. Sheba and her eleven siblings now have their own blog, and the more I hear about the other siblings, the more I know that Sheba was the right dog for me. It's not only about the breed, it's about the personality. I can definitively relate to Patti's reflection on being closer to her rescued dog than the other one. Some of my favourite dogs - whom I loved and who loved me more than words can tell - were street dogs, "belonging" to other households. I learned then that dogs who've had a tough life can bond with you like no other. It's amazing the link you get when the bond is right.


Wednesday 25th of February 2009

Yeah I saw he was saved on the 4 luv of dog website. We were tempted to say we would foster him. But with 2 new additions under the age of 8 months we are pretty busy right now. We'll be ready in about 6 months.