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Reasons to adopt an older dog

Thank you to Radha Deep for sharing her reasons to adopt a senior dog. Check out her previous post on That Mutt, Euthanasia and dogs.

Why should you adopt a senior dog when there are all those adorable puppies to choose from? Well, there are several reasons that make adopting a senior dog a smart choice for most people.

1. Senior dogs are just as affectionate as puppies.

They are equally cuddly too! They love to curl at your feet and entice you with adoring looks and “will do anything for you” attitudes.

2. Rescuing or adopting creates a greater bond.

The number of years you get to be with an older dog is less than what you’d get with a pup. However, a bond of love is cemented when you adopt a rescue dog. This creates a premise for a delightful number of years you can spend with your pet.

3. Senior dogs are full of devotion.

A senior dog’s devotion and eagerness to please will never fail to amaze you. You have given this dog a second chance to be happy, and he seems to know that instinctively and is your willing slave for life!

4. A senior dog is almost always housebroken.

He will go out of the house for eliminating. That is one of the major plus points of adopting a senior dog. Carpets and floors remain clean and odor free. On the other hand, you have to be patient and impart consistent training to puppies in order to housebreak them.

5. Senior dogs are already trained.

There are so many other things that you need to teach a little puppy so that he grows up into a well-trained dog. But a senior dog comes to you almost completely trained. For example, he would know that chew toys are there to be chewed on, not the carpet or today’s newspaper or your child’s toys!

Since he will already be trained to a certain extent, you can teach him more tricks, games and little tasks in order to make him a useful companion around the house.

6. The dog’s temperament is clear.

A puppy’s temperament is adjudged only after he is older – you may also be unpleasantly surprised by his general demeanor. As for a senior dog, his temperament is already apparent, well set and easy for you to gauge. This makes it easier for you to train him.

7. Senior dogs are not as hyper!

Though playful and affectionate, senior dogs tend to be less excitable and less restless than puppies. In fact, they would make ideal companions for older people who wish to adopt dogs. Also, senior pets can serve as excellent therapy dogs.

So, spread the news. Ask your friends to adopt senior dogs too. Adopting a senior dog is like bringing home a complete package of loyalty, dependability and love. You will have by your side a friend that adores you, cares for you and listens to you.

Pictured is Chico, an 8- to 10-year old Chihuahua available for adoption with the 4 Luv of Dog Rescue in Fargo. Check out the rescue site for several older dogs looking for a home. 03/29/09 edit: Chico was adopted!

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