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Walk your dog 101 miles (day 7)

Ace and I walked a leisurely 2.57 miles today. On walking days, boy do we walk. We are in no hurry.

There is a dog that we pass on most days that is stuck behind a wooden dog run. He howls and barks at us before I even remember he’s there. We can’t see him through the wooden fence. I picture him being a reddish-colored lab with grizzled hair along his spine. But he (or she) could be anything. He barks at every sound, a deep bark with a drawn-out howl. I always feel bad for that dog.

There’s a cottontail bunny that hangs out in a certain backyard. She (or he) freezes when we pass, believing that if she doesn’t move a whisker we can’t see her. Ace stares at that rabbit while carefully remaining in heel position. I know he’d never be able to catch her, but I wonder if he wants to kill her or play with her. She is the same dusty, gray-brown color as our tabby cat.

How many miles are you up to?

April miles: 23.78


Lindsay Stordahl

Tuesday 7th of April 2009

Ha, that's OK. Believe me, I know how it goes.

Apryl DeLancey

Tuesday 7th of April 2009

Um, well...still at that 7.5 mark. Darnit!