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Walk your dog 101 miles (day 20)

I looked at what I was wearing a few nights ago and realized everything was either from a thrift store or Plato’s Closet (an over-priced thrift store). Everything, except for my running shoes.

Today I made a trip to Dick Beardsley Running Company in Fargo where I buy New Balance running shoes every six months or so. I often catch the older model of my shoe on sale. Today the store was out of my size in the 1061s, so I splurged on the newer 1063s, along with a pair of Superfeet Insoles. Dick Beardsley’s is a great place to buy shoes because the people who work there truly love running and know what they are talking about when it comes to shoes.

mutt-shoppingShoes are one of the few things I buy new. I refuse to spend more than $12 on a pair of jeans, and even then I’m known to wear them until they are covered in holes. I bought my mutt’s kennel at a garage sale for $25, and when he needs a new toy I bring my dog to garage sales where he picks out stuffed animals for a quarter. I even got Ace and my cat Scout for free.

As for the shoes, I hope to slowly break them in this week, and then do an 8-10 mile run with Ace Thursday morning. Thursday looks like it will be a sunny day. Often, that’s all it takes for me to have a good run, as long as I leave early in the morning so my black mutt doesn’t get too hot.


April miles: 61.88

Lindsay Stordahl

Tuesday 21st of April 2009

That makes me happy to hear!

Apryl DeLancey

Monday 20th of April 2009

Ha! I am the queen of thrift stores and garage sales myself! Just yesterday I got two jackets (one with the tags still on and the other in new condition) for $5 at a garage sale. There's also a great vintage store here called Jet Rag that has a $1 sale every Sunday. The parking lot is filled with piles of clothes for $1 each. You have to be in the mood but you can find some really great stuff. I only buy shoes on sale also.