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Dog’s world

I realized yesterday that I am my dog’s entire world.

This thought made me a little sad.

Ace gets out if I choose to invite him. But I leave whenever I want, with or without my dog.

Ace knows and learns what I teach. His behavior depends on me. His energy depends on me. Even his ability to make choices depends on me.

Ace eats the food I choose to buy. He eats when I decide to feed him, and therefore his weight is controlled by me. He gets vet care if I decide to pay for it, and he goes for walks only with me.

Ace runs off leash, goes hiking and swimming on my terms. He goes in his kennel when I need a break.

I decide where Ace sleeps, when he can or can’t socialize with other dogs and when playing is or is not appropriate.

I decide what behavior is “good” or “bad,” even if there is no consistency.

Yes, he is just a dog. But I am all he has, and he loves me no matter how much or how little I give.

Don’t forget what your dog does for you.

I love my mutt. Ace is a good boy.

black lab mutt


Tuesday 26th of March 2013

Ace looks just like my dog, Ashley. I'm 12 years old I also have a dog named Maggie... Part boxer with another mix we haven't figured it out yet. The funny thing about Maggie is if you throw something for her to fetch she runs half way hen walks back to you like she's thinking "nope went too far I'm not getting it"


Sunday 18th of July 2010

what kind of dog is this? he looks just like my boy! please email me :)


Thursday 3rd of December 2009

same here! Don't take your dog for granted. they are our playmates even if we used to scold them, they still cuddling around you. treat your dog as a brother. n_n

Lindsay Stordahl

Sunday 27th of September 2009

I know, it's too bad...

Chels and shilo

Sunday 27th of September 2009

Ace and my girls are with owners in sync with them and responsible.. so true all their needs are at their owners whims .. tis the neglected dogs leashed to uncaring or uneducated owners that break my heart :(