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Pet products online

Xander the pitbull and Neco the husky love their sugar cookie shampoo. They also love their Between Baths Spritz.

“I’ve also never heard them complain about their Maverick collars or Ombre beds,” said their owner Jammie White.

Pet boutiques are not just for small dogs.

Jammie’s Fancy Paws Boutique carries collars, leashes, dog coats, dog shampoo and dozens of other products.

“A lot of people are under the impression that pet boutiques are only for small breed dogs and that boutique owners own smaller breeds,” Jammie said. “But that is not the case at all.”

Jammie said she loves all dogs but tends to favor the larger breeds.

“No offense to all the adorable shih tzus out there,” she said.

blue pitbullBut shih tzus have little reason to feel offended.

If you browse through Fancy Paws Boutique’s web site, you will see dozens of small dog products such as raincoats, sundresses, harnesses and bejeweled collars.

Fancy Paws Boutique is a place where dogs of any size (and their owners) can shop.

Not all products fit larger dogs, but Jammie said this trend is starting to change as manufacturers realize big dog owners also like to spoil their pets.

To make shopping easier, big dog owners can browse through the special big dog clothes section. Some products do slip through the cracks so it’s always good to check the other categories as well, Jammie said.

Dog products online

Fancy Paws Boutique is unique because its customers are not just customers, Jammie said.

For example, one customer’s daughter wanted a new carrier for her Yorkie puppy that was not listed on Fancy Paws, Jammie said.

“He sent me a picture of what she wanted and I tracked it down for them and added it to my selection so he could get her exactly what she wanted. How’s that for customer service?”

Jammie gets to interact with her customers often, as she does everything from designing the site to selecting what products to sell to answering questions.

Her passion for animals, combined with her desire to start her own business gave her the idea for Fancy Paws. Losing her office job last year was all the encouragement she needed to dedicate more time to her online business.

Dog clothes and accessories

martingale collarsOne of the best sellers at Fancy Paws Boutique includes the Between Baths Spritz, Jammie said. The Charleston Quilted Snuggle Bed, the Army Green Fleece Hoodie and the Hex Martingale Collars are also popular.

“Other products such as our carriers and feeders, along with some of the designer dog beds are not ones you will see on just any boutique site,” Jammie said.

For dogs that live in places like Fargo, she suggested the Doggyback Jacket Pack which comes with a part that can be warmed in the microwave to keep dogs extra cozy. For larger dogs, Jammie recommends the Polar Fleece Coat or the Brown Plaid Fleece Coat.

And for gift ideas, check out the spa travel and gift sets and of course gift certificates.

Save on dog products

Anyone interested in shopping at Fancy Paws Boutique can receive 10% off through October by using coupon code B2S10 during checkout as part of the back to school special.

For more savings, check out the photo contest where one winner per month receives a $10 gift certificate. Or, sign up for the Fancy Paws Boutique newsletter to view highlighted products, upcoming sales and even dog training tips.

Free dog spa set

dog spaJammie was nice enough to offer a free Dog Spa Take Out Set to one lucky That Mutt reader.

For your chance at winning, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post about which Fancy Paws Boutique product is your favorite.

I will pick a winner at random Oct. 6. Good luck!

This was a paid web-site review.

Lindsay Stordahl

Wednesday 7th of October 2009

Congratulations, Marie! You are the winner of the Dog Spa Take Out set!

Lindsay Stordahl

Thursday 1st of October 2009

Yes, those collars are really cute!


Thursday 1st of October 2009

Well, I've got the small dogs that most people would dress up, but I don't. LOL I did think there were some cute collars though. I liked the bouquet of flowers collar. Too bad my dogs have so much coat that it makes it hard to see the cute collars.


Wednesday 30th of September 2009

Sylvie, That all depends on what you're interested in, if you have something in mind send me an e-mail and I'll see what we can work out :-)


Wednesday 30th of September 2009

Unfortunately they don't ship to Canada at this time.