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Slip lead

A slip lead works like a choke collar and will help with training the dog to walk on a loose leash. It also puts the owner in control rather than the dog.

One of the easiest ways to make an emergency slip lead is to loop the handle of the leash through itself and put it around the dog’s neck. The “clip” end of the leash will already be attached to the dog’s collar like normal.

This trick has come in handy more than once while I’ve been out with my mutt Ace and need extra control.

Just make sure your new slip lead is high on the dog’s neck and above his regular collar as Ace models in the photo. If it’s on the thick, low part of the dog’s neck it won’t do any good. Softly pulling up on the lead should be enough to control most dogs when they pull or lunge.

slip lead

Some dogs just should not be walked on a buckle collar or harness. This doesn’t give the owner enough control, and many dogs can slip out of their collars or harnesses.

In addition to working as a training tool, the slip lead works as a safety. If the dog pulls through his harness or collar, the leash will still be attached on the slip-lead end. As long as you don’t drop the leash, you’re good to go!

Making a slip lead works best with thin, nylon leashes, but it works with just about any leash. Of course, you can buy cheap slip leads at many pet supplies stores.

For controlling extra strong pullers or unpredictable dogs, I recommend a pinch collar or a Halti.

What do you use for controlling your dog?


Wednesday 19th of June 2013

I really want to try the slip lead on my dog but am so afraid he will pull right out of the leash. Has that happened or am i just paranoid?

Lindsay Stordahl

Wednesday 19th of June 2013

It can happen. You have to be careful by keeping the leash high on the dog's neck and gently pulling up as necessary.


Tuesday 24th of January 2012

This is so effective I have no idea why anyone would use a pinch or choke collar. I USED to but now know this is the absolute perfect way to walk/train a dog. Just like you said keeping the lead very high, almost if not touching the back of the skull is vital. My dogs all walk just behind me with this lead and I don't get pulled any more!! I am surprised how few know this very simple yet effective technique. THANKS :o)

Lindsay Stordahl

Tuesday 24th of January 2012

It really does work the best for a lot of dogs.

Dog Leads And Collars

Friday 27th of November 2009

There are some great rope and braid slip leads, and also a halter available at

They are hand spliced by KJK.

They do some really thick rope for stronger dogs too.

Lindsay Stordahl

Saturday 10th of October 2009

Whatever works!

Apryl DeLancey

Saturday 10th of October 2009

A harness works the best for big Gus, believe it or not. Choke collars and the like are odd since he's got so many folds. He can get out of a regular collar also.