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My dog won’t eat

Well, actually, my dog will eat anything. He has been off prednisone for a year, but the “side effect” of “hunger” never went away.

The only time Ace isn’t interested in food is when we travel. There is too much going on, and he doesn’t want to take the time to eat. God forbid he misses out on someone walking from one room to another.

So, what do I do when my dog is a picky eater?

I give him five minutes and then I put the food away. I don’t give him treats, scraps from my plate or other goodies. I don’t mix canned food or yogurt with his kibble. He simply does not eat.

Ace might skip two or three meals in a row while we travel, and that’s his choice. A dog will not starve himself. He will eat when he’s hungry. That’s what animals do.

I know of many dogs who are much pickier than Ace when it comes to eating kibble. I recommend the owners of these dogs follow the same plan I follow with Ace.

Don’t mix extra goodies in your dog’s food.

Adding treats or canned food or people food rewards the dog for not eating his regular food. Stick to regular meal times for the dog once or twice a day, and give the dog no more than 10 minutes to eat. Then, put the food away. Don’t leave food out all the time. Food should be used as a reward.

If you are traveling or have new animals in the house, there is a good chance your dog won’t eat. He may be stressed or excited. The same may be true if someone has moved out or passed away. Don’t cater to the dog’s stress by offering him extra goodies. This will not help the dog. Instead, stick to the dog’s usual eating schedule and increase his exercise.

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