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FURminator for dogs and cats

I recently received a free FURminator pet brush from, a company that sells dog bath tubs and accessories.

Every dog and cat owner needs one of these brushes! No other pet brush works as well as the FURminator. The fine-tooth comb pulls the dead hair trapped in the undercoat as you can see below. The brush works well on dogs and cats with any coat length.

I enjoy brushing my mutt and two cats now because so much hair comes off them immediately with the FURminator. They all have softer, shinier coats after a quick brushing, and they love the attention. I’m sure getting rid of all that dead hair helps them feel cooler, and it also cuts back on the hair that ends up in my carpets!

I recommend this brush to any dog or cat owner who owns a pet with a shedding problem.

Readers of That Mutt can get free shipping from by entering in the coupon code thatmuttship.

Furminator for cats - my cat Scout after being brushed with the furminator!

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