Not your ordinary black lab mix

Black lab mix Ace Fargo

Some people say black Labs are ordinary, that black lab mixes are “a dime a dozen.”

Well, maybe some dogs are ordinary – not black lab mixes.

I, for example, have white markings on my chest and feet.

“Oh, lots of dogs have white feet,” you might say. “There’s nothing special about that.”

But … how many dogs have white feet with black spots?


There’s no such thing as an ordinary black lab mix. No such thing as an ordinary dog.

14 thoughts on “Not your ordinary black lab mix”

  1. My dog Sephi was a Chow/Shep/Lab mix and would have likely been labeled as simply a Lab mix by most. She was all black except she had a little white with black spots on a couple of her feet too. Despite the color similarities to Ace, Sephi was one of a kind as well. (I say ‘was’ because she passed away a few months ago.) Ace kinda has a Dane look to him while Sephi looked mostly Chow with shorter hair and had big pointy Shepherd ears. And from what I have read about Ace, these two are also different in personality. Sure, they’re both black and have white feet with black spots but they are nothing alike. Black dogs are special even if they are perceived as “ordinary”. We shouldn’t judge anything by its color, right Ace?

  2. Also mine black lab mix have white feet with black spots and also have nails with alternating colors, one black one white :D.
    However, i confirm you that there is nothing of ordinary in a black lab mix, especially the character, mine do such bigs jumps 😀

  3. D.O.G. is completely black and a total goof ball. We go to the barn and after he gets his energy burned he sticks close. He gets a puppy look and your heart just melts. Then he comes and cuddles and you swear he is telling you everthing is going to be ok.

    He’s probably a lab husky mix due to his coat, ears and jog but I am so glad that my C took “Chewy” with resource gaurding issues home. He’s our Pudge!

  4. Just read your Once in a Lifetime Dog blog post from over a year ago… as I hear you talk more and more about Ace, I think he might just be your once in a lifetime dog. Doesn’t mean your next dogs will blow you out of your socks like he has… but he will always be The Ace.

    After all, he has white toes and black spots on them. 😉

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Yeah … I kind of hope he’s not my “once in a lifetime dog,” but I can’t imagine finding another I connect with as much as him. I hope I do!

      1. After reading your reply I can’t help but think… maybe the same once in a lifetime dog wouldn’t have been at a different point in your life. Still would be a great dog, but maybe this is THE dog you need right now in your lifetime, maybe no other dog would be that great. At another point in your life after Ace has passed and your life/family situations change a bit you might get another dog that feels like a “once in a lifetime” dog too because that’s the dog that fits perfectly for you then.

        Interesting food for thought.

        I think about my own dog, he’s only 2 years old. I don’t know if he’s my once in a lifetime yet. He’s MY first dog, had them growing up but he’s my first which I’m responsible for. I think there’s a lot of potential that he hasn’t reached and that I haven’t reached regarding training. So I don’t know yet.

        Husband and I have talked about getting a second dog and the conversation has become more and more serious as of late… though our living situation does not allow for more than one dog so we will wait and research breeders and rescues and decide what to do there in the meantime. So as we talk about a second dog, what traits we’d like to look for, do we want a puppy, do we want a grown dog, what sort of training are we interested in pursuing with that dog/breed… we keep coming back to “But what if he’s not our buddy like Panzer is…” My husband was very wary about getting a dog at all, hindsight we shouldn’t have until he was comfortable… but Panzer and I proved him wrong and Panzer is more than Les ever thought a dog could be.

        So maybe we can have “once in the lifetime I’ve lived thus far” dogs. 🙂 Panzer is definitely that.

        1. Lindsay Stordahl

          I’m excited that you guys are also starting to think about getting a second dog!

          I think I become more admirable of Ace every year I have him. The first few months I had him, I wasn’t all that attached to him yet. He was a good dog, but he hadn’t reached that point in my mind where I believe he’s the “best” dog. Now I’m pretty much obsessed with him. So the human has a lot to do with it. He’s been the same dog all along, but our relationship has changed.

  5. Beth Weinberg

    I used to babysit for a Lab mix named Rocky years ago. I have never met a kinder or more gentle dog than Rocky. He was the only dog that my Shih Tzu would play with. Years later, I still think about Rocky and wonder how I could find a dog just like Rocky.

  6. Hello, my black labrador also got white spots, and i love him and i’m sure that he’s real labrador because his mommy is american labrador and daddy is english labrador.

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