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Adoption donation specials matter

Sometimes making it just a little easier for someone to adopt a pet will go a long way as far as getting more pets into homes.

Pets will be available at discounted rates this weekend at the Humane Society of Fargo-Moorhead during its impromptu “adopt-a-thon” June 8, 9 and 11, according to the shelter’s web site.

The shelter is currently seeking donations to offset adoption fees during the event, according to its web site. Adoption fees are normally $136 for cats and $146 for dogs, but with enough sponsors the shelter hopes to temporarily offer the animals at $40 off.

This is a great deal!

I donated $25 through PayPal for the event, and I hope you will also help support these types of adoption events no matter where you live by donating, volunteering or spreading the word.

If the goal is to get more pets out of shelters and into homes, we need to look for ways to make adoptions easier. Offering and promoting discounted adoption fees is one way to do it.

The executive director and the shelter manager stated on the humane society’s web site:

“The sooner we get the animals in our shelter adopted, the sooner we will be able to rescue more animals from the local pounds.”

Well said.

And this is from the shelter’s Facebook page:

Please consider donating towards the Adopt-A-Thon (even if it’s only $5 or $10–everything helps!), so we can reduce adoption fees and get some of our current animals into loving homes to make room for others in need of our help.

I don’t volunteer with the humane society, but I’ve always liked its approach to adoptions and promotions.

Events like these will get more people to the shelter, more people interested in volunteering, more attention from the media and more people excited about adopting.

The humane society is doing a wonderful job getting more animals adopted by staying open at convenient hours, asking for public support and advertising adoption specials.

It looks for reasons why someone is good enough for a dog or cat rather than look for reasons to turn potential adopters away.

This adopt-a-thon will prove that if you ask for the public’s support, the people will deliver! I hope the shelter offers more events like this throughout the year. Although, I hope it doesn’t have to.

The humane society also does a nice job marketing shelter pets to adopters on its web site by showing adopters what a great deal they get by adopting.

Adopters will save money because their new pet will already be spayed or neutered (if age appropriate), up to date on shots, microchipped, de-wormed and given a basic health exam and flea prevention. All that for right around $100!

Anyone interested in adopting a cat or dog from the humane society must fill out an adoption application that includes references, according to its web site. There is also a 24-hour waiting period before an adopter can take an animal home.

What are some other shelter marketing ideas?

Riley is up for adoption with the Humane Society of Fargo-Moorhead. He is listed as one of the longterm cats. I’m sure he would love to find his new home soon!

Cat adoption Fargo

Photo: Humane Society of Fargo-Moorhead

Rachael Taylor

Monday 11th of June 2012

We adopted Boots and Izzy during Adopt An Adult Cat Month, $25 each. I felt so guilty they were so cheap I donated more money to the shelter...then we brought them home and had over $500 in vet bills because they were pretty sick. I now feel less guilty about their "bargain" price :)

I watched a special on CBS Sunday News this Morning about how pictures matter...dogs in pearls and cats on fancy chaise lounges actually help get them adopted faster.

Lindsay Stordahl

Monday 11th of June 2012

I know people definitely want to see bright, happy photos of the animals vs. animals locked away in cages or looking sick or sad.