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Fostering a senior dog

Meet Dora!

On an emotional impulse I decided to take in a new foster dog, an elderly black Lab I named Dora. (To foster a homeless dog means to provide her with a loving home until she gets adopted.)

I have a soft spot for older dogs and a soft spot for black dogs, so I had to give Dora a chance.

Dog named Dora for adoption

I’ve fostered a senior dog before, but he had a lot more mobility, spunk, attitude and energy than my Dora.

With what little time sweet Dora has remaining, I am trying to make her life as comfortable as possible.

More than anything, Dora seems happy for the chance to have all kinds of attention, a chance to stretch her sore legs and to nap on a soft bed. (Although she much prefers the kitchen floor – silly girl!)

Dora the senior black lab for adoption

Dora is also pretty pumped to be in a home where the humans drop crumbs quite often and offer her handouts just for being cute as can be!

Dora seems like quite the happy girl, which is a good reminder for all of us to be thankful for what we have. I don’t believe Dora spends much time feeling sorry for herself, even if it takes her a long time to get up and even if she bumps into things or doesn’t hear me when I come home!

I don’t know anything about Dora’s past, but I choose to believe she’s lived a long, happy life.

She approaches each person she meets with joy and trust.

She sees each individual as a potential for treats, attention and love.

Dora is a senior black lab for adoption in Fargo

I am grateful the Moorhead pound workers gave her a chance to end her days in a home rather than a cage.

I am grateful for an understanding husband. (He is becoming a dog person whether he realizes it or not.)

I am grateful the local rescue groups work to save all adoptable dogs and that one rescue in particular believes Dora is adoptable.

I don’t really know if Dora will be adopted, although I hope so! I do know she has a safe place to relax, stretch and feel loved.

When she naps, I watch her wiggle all four paws as though she’s off running somewhere with the best of them.

What do you dream of, Dora?

Are you chasing rabbits?

Bouncing through fields?

Chasing an old companion?

Oh how I love you so.

Dora the black lab for adoption in Fargo

To adopt Dora, please fill out a pre-adoption application with 4 Luv of Dog Rescue in Fargo. The adoption donation fee is $150 plus tax. Dora is spayed and up to date on vaccinations. Edie: Dora was adopted!!

Dora is a special needs girl who requests lots of love and help getting around. She says she is extra special because she doesn’t need to go for long walks and she will never ever pull on the leash!

That a girl, Dora!

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