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The 13 Project to help animals

13 ways to help animals

I recently discovered the 13 Project.

This project was created by a site called Pretty Fluffy, and it encourages individuals to make a list of 13 achievable ways to help animals before 2013.

If we all choose just 13 small goals, the impact will be pretty great overall.

To participate, all you have to do is come up with your own list of 13 ways to help animals before the year ends.

Sounds easy, right?

You don’t have to be rich. You don’t have to be a blogger. You don’t have to be a volunteer with an animal shelter. You don’t even have to be a pet owner.

You just have to love animals.

When the project started, there were 13 weeks left in the year. Since I’m a little late, I have some catching up to do!

So, here is my list of 13 ways to help animals before the end of the year (in no particular order).

I hope I inspire some of you to make your own lists!

If you email your own lists at or post them in the comments below, I will make one large list of ideas to share with everyone.

13 ways I plan to help homeless pets

1. Donate my mutt Ace’s dog crates to a local rescue group.

2. Donate all our unused pet supplies – bowls, toys, collars, etc.

3. Write a blog post on how to foster a cat.

4. Make a monetary donation to an open-admission, no-kill shelter.

5. Donate all our old towels and blankets to an animal shelter.

6. Promote a local homeless dog until he or she finds a home.

7. Donate a copy of the book “Redemption” to the director of a regional kill shelter.

8. Donate a wish list item to my local humane society.

9. Make an album of local adoptable pets on That Mutt’s Facebook page.

10. Sponsor the adoption fee of a local homeless pet.

11. Donate to the No Kill Advocacy Center.

12. Write a blog post about why I plan to adopt a pitbull!

13. Write a letter to the editor on why my area needs more support for TNR of feral cats.

Will you participate in the 13 Project?

A big thank you to Pretty Fluffy for all it does to help animals!

I’ll write a followup post before the end of the year to let you know my progress!

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