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Does your dog have a waistline?

Have you kept your dog at an ideal weight? Jana over at My Dog’s Symptoms encourages you to show off your dog’s waistline. My mutt Ace has always been lean, and I’m proud to show him off!

Does your dog have a waistline?

The goal of Jana’s “Show Off Your Dog’s Waistline” campaign is to raise awareness of canine weight management, and to educate dog owners about how dogs’ bodies should look.

I’m sure you all know plenty of people who don’t even realize their pets are overweight. They see their pets every day, so they don’t notice if the pets have lost or gained weight. Plus, people are so used to looking at their fat pets that fat seems normal.

How to tell if your dog is overweight
Does your dog have a waistline?

Need some help getting your dog’s weight under control?

Here are some tips on how to help your dog lose weight. My favorite tip is to stop leaving food out for your dog at all times. I know many of you are guilty!

And of course, Ace and I are always here to encourage people to start running with dogs. It benefits the humans and the pups!

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