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Dog walking business forms

What business forms are necessary for starting a dog walking business?

Since I own a dog walking business, I’m here to make the paperwork process easier for you. To start a successful dog walking business, you need a liability form (contract) for each client to sign and a new client questionnaire form.

You may also want to create separate forms for a key agreement, a service agreement and an off-leash agreement, but these are optional.

The liability form and contact info form are the most important. You don’t want to start a dog walking business without them.

Where can I get dog walking business forms?

I created an editable dog walking liability form and an editable new client questionnaire form for you. These are the same forms I have used for my business since 2008, and they are easy to modify for your own unique dog walking or pet sitting business.

My dog walking forms and ebook on how to start a dog walking business are available for $47.


The dog walking business form bundle includes:

  • A copy of my ebook on how to start a dog walking business
  • Editable new client questionnaire form
  • Editable new client liability contract
  • Budget/revenue model

Dog walking business forms

More to consider about your dog walking business forms:

Dog walking liability form

Do I have to have a dog walking liability form?

Yes. You need a liability form for legal reasons in addition to carrying insurance. You never know what can happen, and you don’t want to be held responsible if the dog bites you or someone else while under your care. When you work with dogs full time, you will most likely get nipped or bitten at some point.

You never know what can happen with dogs, even if you are the most responsible dog walker. A dog could slip her collar and get hit by a car. A dog could get sick while under your watch and require veterinary care. You need to make sure the client will pay for these costs.

What should I include on my dog walking liability form?

Your dog walking liability form should state that you and your business will not be held responsible for any damage or injuries caused by the pet on or off the owner’s property while under your care. The form should also include your:

  • policies for cancellations as well as any fees that apply
  • vaccination requirements
  • flea and tick prevention requirements
  • spaying and neutering policies
  • ID tag policy
  • procedure for handling emergencies

Black Lab mix and Vizsla on a walk

Dog walking client contact information form

The contact information form is used to gather appropriate information about each client. The form collects information about the dog owner as well as the dog.

What questions should I include on my dog walking contact forms?

The form should ask for basic information such as the client’s address, phone number and email.

The form should also gather basic info about the dog such as:

  • name, breed and age
  • veterinary contact info
  • what the dog eats
  • required medications
  • the dog’s unique needs

Beyond the basic information, the form should gather details about each dog’s personality. You want to leave space for the owner to include any issues related to aggression, injuries, allergies and so on. And don’t forget to ask about the dog’s daily routine.

If you are in the process of starting your own dog walking business, best of luck to you! You will do great!

Buy my dog walking business forms

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Monday 7th of November 2016

Hi, I noticed your info contains most info on dog walking. And so much valued things to be aware of. I want to take about 3 client dogs and do daycare in my home, so I am tossing the fee around. Have looked at insurance etc. I have bred an shown Great Danes for many years., so I would prefer large breed and no small dogs. In sure your forms could be adjusted to my needs. Any feed back with day care 9 to 5. Aoprox would be appreciated. Thanks Patti


Wednesday 18th of November 2015

Hi. I want to start a dog walking group in my local area where we meet up twice a week with our dogs and go for a walk together. Dog owners will be walking their own dogs. What forms would I need for this? Also what would you suggest including in the forms?

Lindsay Stordahl

Wednesday 18th of November 2015

I probably wouldn't have any forms to start. Just have fun! I was a part of a dog walking group and we never signed any forms. Once you get established, maybe you'd want people to sign some sort of liability form.


Saturday 20th of April 2013

Hi my name is Brooke I just turned twelve and starting may 1st and on I will be doing a dog walking business with Nieghbors in a two block radius of my house and I need to make some forms and schedules and things and I needed some help. Like if I add a little extra time at the end for play time how much more should that cost right now I am only charging 1-3 dollars ever twenty minutes. Please help -Brooke

Lindsay Stordahl

Thursday 11th of July 2013

Hi Brooke. I hope your dog walking business is going well. I would just charge a flat rate (maybe $10) for each visit and choose a fixed time such as 20 minutes or 30 minutes. You can still personalize each visit to meet each dog's needs. For example, maybe one dog would rather go for a walk for the whole 30 minutes but another would rather play fetch in the yard for part of the time.