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Raw dog food recipe – steak and turkey

Easy raw dog food recipe

Here’s an easy raw dog food recipe. It’s what my dog had for breakfast the other day – boneless steak, turkey gizzards and frozen peas.

This is a pretty typical meal for him. He eats a lot of chicken with bone, turkey and pork but this is one of his boneless meals. Most agree that red meat is more species appropriate, although chicken and pork are much cheaper.

Raw dog food recipe

Raw dog food recipe

I also added a fish oil tablet and a spoonful of the supplement Missing Link to this meal. Missing Link was recommended to me by a few other raw feeders, and I decided to buy a bag for Ace. He loves the flavor. It contains a bunch of good stuff – glucosamine, kelp, beef liver, carrots – all healthy, pronounceable ingredients that he doesn’t always get from his food.

I use a bowl to hold Ace’s meals, although there is really no need. I just use it as a transporting vessel from the counter to the towel where he eats 🙂 I set his bowl on his towel, and he takes the food out one item at a time. Then he eats whatever veggies are still left. He loves his raw meals!

Won’t my dog get sick?

Whenever I share raw dog food pictures, I get a few reactions from people who are concerned about bacteria, choking hazards and such. While there is always some risk, I have to smile when people are concerned about dogs eating raw meat and bones. Do we forget that dogs are, you know, animals? They’re meat eaters, designed to tear, gulp and gnaw on raw meat and bones. Yum!

For more information, here are some raw dog food resources:

Have a great day, and let me know if you are currently feeding your dog raw meals!

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