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The mutts take over

2014 mutt dog wall calendar

I’m glad I created the 2014 mutt calendar, because mixed-breed dogs deserve a calendar just like purebred dogs have their own calendars.

I wasn’t sure if the idea of a mutt calendar would work, but there are some encouraging signs.

Some people thanked me for creating the calendar because they could never find mutt calendars anywhere else. I’ve had many conversations with mutt owners who love the calendar and can’t wait for another one next year. I’ve had others tell me they’re already planning which photo to enter for the next mutt calendar contest. Some even emailed to tell me exactly where they’ll be hanging their calendars. I love hearing where people will display the mutts.

And so, the mutts are taking over! The calendar features 12 unique mixed-breed dogs owned by readers of this blog.

Until sold out, the mutt calendars are available for $7.99. They will make great Christmas gifts for dog lovers. Order here.

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