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Guess That Mutt

I have cared for each of these beautiful dogs through my pet sitting and dog walking business. Some of the owners are aware of the types of breeds their dogs are mixed with. Others have no idea.

Care to take a guess?

If you would like people to guess the breeds behind your mutt, send a photo to

1. Phoebe
Phoebe the brown and tan mixed-breed dog

2. Myla
Small black and tan mixed-breed dog

3. Littermates Lucky and Rio
Tri-colored mixed breed dog and cream-colored mixed-breed dog

4. Scruff-Muffin
Black mixed-breed dog

5. Macy
White mixed-breed dog

Would you like people to guess the breeds behind your mutt? Send a photo to

Answers to last week:
1. unknown 2. owner guesses Lab/Rottie mix 3. German shepherd/Aussie mix 4. owner guesses Chow mix 5. boxer/blue heeler mix 6. unknown, but I guess heeler mix 7. Maltese/Lhasa mix 8. unknown, but I guess Lab/newfie mix (he was my foster dog) 9. golden retriever/poodle mix 10. dna test results: American Staffordshire terrier, boxer, French bulldog, Yorkshire terrier mix!

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Tuesday 28th of January 2014

LOL - Scruff-Muffin! :D What a perfect name. #1 Phoebe, Foxhound/Rottie #2 Myla, Pom/Chi #3 Lucky and Rio, Lab/Husky #4 Scruff-Muffin, Pug/Chi #5 Shih-Tzu mix.

Lindsay Stordahl

Tuesday 28th of January 2014

Haha! I know, isn't that hilarious? Scruff-Muffin :)