Dog Shaming (10 photos)

I hope these Dog Shaming pics help you make it to the weekend. I love sharing these!

In the first photo, Jack the yellow Lab peed right on his sister’s head! Haha! Thanks to SlimDoggy for sharing it.

If any of you have your own Dog Shaming photos to share, send them to and I will feature them next week.

Jack the yellow Lab peed on Maggie the black Lab

Dog gets into the pantry

Naughty black poodle

This dog loves the mud!

Dog drags his butt across the carpet

Dog shaming, dog peed on vacuum cleaner

Boston terrier doesn't understand personal space

Bulldog dog shaming

Dog howls in the morning

Golden retriever dog shaming

Send your Dog Shaming photos to to see them featured next week.

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5 thoughts on “Dog Shaming (10 photos)”

  1. Dog shaming pics usually make me feel not so bad when Donna makes me upset. Thankfully not very often. This post cracked me up because I recognised Jack and Maggie from slimdoggy. I usually don’t recognise whatever dog was being featured, hah!

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