Cat Shaming (featuring Beamer and Scout)

You know how earlier this week I wrote about how my dog is not perfect?

Well, my cats are so much worse.

I seriously have the world’s worst two cats. Beamer and Scout could have their own weekly cat shaming post all to themselves.

But, I really want to feature your cats and dogs. Send your dog and cat shaming pics to

1 – Beamer
Tan cat gets into things when home alone

2 – Scout
Cat poops on floors

Cat shaming

Cat leaves streak marks on the carpet

Cat pukes up food and keeps eating

Cat will not stop meowing in the middle of the night cat shaming

Cat pees on the bed


Cat stole the dessert right off the table

Cat meows to eat every morning at 4 a.m.

Take a cat shaming photo of your cat this week and sent it to

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