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Guess That Mutt

Can you guess what kind of mixed-breed dogs these are?

Three very cute dogs are waiting for you to guess their breeds – Louie, Russell and Ringo.

Leave your best guesses in the comments section.

If you own a mutt and want to see your dog featured on, send your photos to

1. Louie (photo from Kellie O.)
Louie the mutt

2. Russell
Russell the tan mixed-breed puppy

3. Ringo (photo from Tiffany S.)
Ringo the gray and white mixed-breed dog

Answers to the last “Guess That Mutt” post:

1. Blue is a pitbull/husky/German shepherd mix. 2. Finn is an unknown mixed breed adopted from a shelter. 3. Tessi is an unkown mixed breed but her owner guesses Brittany spaniel mix. Take your own guess here!

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