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The Del Mar Dog Beach

The best part about owning a dog (in my opinion) is going on adventures. Ace and I are always looking for new areas to explore.

One of our favorite places is the Del Mar Dog Beach, just a mile down the road from our apartment.

It’s an off-leash beach from Labor Day through Memorial Day (dogs have to be leashed in the summer).

My parents flew out to visit us in February, and here are some of the photos they took at the beach. Since we live so close to this beautiful place, we often take it for granted. Having visitors here from Wisconsin was a good reminder how lucky we are! On weekday mornings, we often have the entire beach to ourselves!

Dog at the beach

My mom wrote a book

I also want to let you know my mom Nancy has written a book about how to mentally prepare for chemotherapy.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010, and she started a blog called Nancy’s Point where she writes about breast cancer and loss. She also writes about her dogs!

Her book “Getting Past the Fear: A Guide to Help You Mentally Prepare for Chemotherapy” is available in print and ebook format, and she is giving away 10 copies on her blog.

The book is not just for those facing chemotherapy. It’s a great resource for caregivers as well. I’m so proud of my mom, and she would love it if you visited her blog or let people know about her book.

That’s it, and have a great weekend!

Where are you and your dog going to explore?

Black Lab mix at the beach

Black Lab at the beach

(Photos by Nancy Stordahl)

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