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How do you move on when a dog dies?

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The “older” I get, the more difficult it becomes to lose a dog.

Every loss is hard, but I have grown even more attached to each dog that comes along.

This says more about me and where I’m at in life than it says about the dogs.

Had my family’s dog Brittni entered my life when I was 24 vs. 14, our relationship would’ve been very different. Not better, just different.

I wish her life could’ve overlapped with my current dog Ace, but it didn’t work out that way.

And now that Ace is very much middle-aged, he has had several dog friends pass away.

This happens often when you’re an older dog, I guess. Ace doesn’t seem sad about it like I am.

Multiple friends of mine who went out and adopted their first dogs around the same time I did are now on their second round of dogs.

I’m so glad I’m not at that point quite yet.

When I think about the future loss of my dog, one thing that helps is knowing these friends have since gone on to adopt new dogs, and now they love and bond with these dogs just as much. (At least from my point of view.)

That’s not always what we want to hear when we lose a dog. It’s hard to imagine “moving on,” but it’s nice to imagine finding another to love, with time.

When a good friend lost her dog recently, I remember she said, “Why is this so hard?”

It’s because we are so close to our dogs, another friend said. Often, much closer than we are to the people in our lives. We bring our dogs into our beds. We hold them. We carry them when they’re sick.

Yes, this is true. And they see us at our most vulnerable, too, in so many scenarios in their short lives.

Every dog is special in his or her own way. We are just so fortunate we get to share our lives with them.

My friend Erin wrote on her blog, “Isn’t it great that we all get to have the best dogs?”

Yes. It is.

Ace and Lindsay

What’s one of the things you love most about your current dog?

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