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Liquid glucosamine to help a dog’s joints – Rejenease review & giveaway

‘Mixes easily with food; even picky eaters love it!’

Note: I’ve partnered with Rejenease to bring you this post.

My 8-year-old Lab mix Ace got to try a liquid glucosamine supplement called Rejenease.

As you may remember, my dog has had some joint issues over the last several months, so I was eager to give him a product that might help.

And did it help?

The short answer is yes!

My dog has shown some improvement after taking Rejenease. He seems to be doing better on stairs and recovering faster after his adventures at the dog beach. It’s not a dramatic change, but a small improvement.

In order to understand how the product has helped Ace, I’ll briefly let you know how he was before taking Rejenease.

Rejenease liquid glucosamine supplement for dogs

My dog’s joint issues before starting Rejenease

Ace’s vet thinks my dog has tendinitis in the right shoulder, which causes him to limp at times. His knees can also get stiff, which I suspect is arthritis.

My dog is one of those Labs who goes completely bonkers over a tennis ball.

I believe his joint issues are due to the hard starting and stopping motions he’s done over the years while playing fetch. Other factors include natural aging and genetics.

Prior to starting the glucosamine Rejenease, here’s what I was doing to help Ace:

  • Restricted activity, but still making sure to go for daily walks (20 mins or so)
  • A daily fish oil supplement
  • Anti-inflammatory/pain medication (Vetprofen)

After about four months of the above plan, I was noticing an improvement in Ace’s shoulder and began decreasing his pain medication.

This is when I started him on Rejenease, so it’s important to note he was already showing some improvement.

Remenease liquid glucosamine for dogs

My dog’s improvements after taking Rejenease

Ace has been taking Rejenease for about a month. I noticed the most dramatic improvement in the first week, and I haven’t noticed any additional changes since. His knees are noticeably less stiff, and while his shoulder still gets really sore at times, it is also improving.

I have taken him off the pain medication.

Here’s what I’ve noticed, and these are all subtle changes:

  • Ace’s knees are  less stiff after short trips to the dog beach or playing with dog friends.
  • He recovers faster from these adventures.
  • He has an easier time going up and down stairs.
  • He can now walk up to 2 miles (vs. 1 mile a few months ago).

Over the weekend, I took Ace to the dog beach and let him run around chasing a ball for longer than I should have. Thankfully, he recovered just fine.

This doesn’t mean I can let him run around like a maniac every weekend. I still need to limit his activity, but Rejenease has been a factor in helping my dog remain active. Because of this, I plan to continue giving him the supplement.

[quote_center]”Rejenease has been a factor in helping my dog remain active.”[/quote_center]

Rejenease glucosamine supplement for dogsMore about Rejenease:

1. Comes with a 100% risk-free guarantee.

2. Contains 1600 mg glucosamine & 1200 mg chondroitin per ounce.

3. Made in USA with human-grade ingredients.

4. Made without corn, soy derivatives, sugar, salt, gluten or wheat.

Steven Hourston said he chose to develop Rejenease because it can transform the quality of a dog’s life.

“Because we love our dogs so much, it brings relief and happiness to owners too,” he said. “I feel good that my supplement can make such a difference.”

Giveaway + ordering information & coupon code

The company is giving away a bottle of Rejenease to three lucky readers of That Mutt. The company would like to ask each winner to write an honest Amazon review.

For a chance to win:

Leave a comment on this post that indicates your dog wants in on the drawing (here’s a link if you’re reading this by email or elsewhere). Three winners will be chosen at random on Dec. 23. Must have a U.S. mailing address to win.

For those of you who have already had a chance to try Rejenease, please let me know how it’s going in the comments!


Ordering info and coupon code

If you would like to order a bottle of Rejenease, it’s currently available on Amazon for $39.95. You can also use coupon code THATMUTT to save 25%.

Would your dog like to try Rejenease? Let me know!

*This post contains affiliate links.

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