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That dog that pees on the Christmas tree and other funny pet stories

Have any of your dogs peed on the Christmas tree yet this year? Ace has!

Over Thanksgiving, my husband’s uncle took the time to go out and cut down a live tree for us.

We had it on its side by the car, and I took Ace outside without a leash, assuming I would be able to call him away from the tree if needed.

Well, that was a stupid assumption. My dog went over to sniff that tree and instantly lifted his leg on it!

Oh, Ace. I mean, it was outside and everything. How was he supposed to know? 🙂

I asked a few other dog lovers to share their funny holiday stories. Below are their stories, in their own words. Even better if a few of you want to add yours in the comments!

Kathryn Clappison and her dog Modie:

Modie_Christmas Tree

My boyfriend and I were looking for our Christmas tree at a tree farm up in the mountains when our little dog’s leash malfunctioned and she came unclipped.

She took off running like I had never seen her run before, weaving around the Christmas trees and having the time of her life.

Once she was satisfied, she came running back to me and we got her back on the leash. As we attempted to load our 7-foot Douglas fir into a small Honda Civic – I don’t know what we were thinking – she came loose again and starting zooming around the parking lot.

We were able to get both our dog and our tree in the car safely that day, but it made for quite a memorable experience.

(Modie is pictured with the tree.)

Erin Gleeson and her Italian greyhound Enzo:

Enzo in the officeLast year, we set out a freshly cooked apple pie to cool while we opened presents.

We thought both dogs had been with us the entire time, but when we walked back into the kitchen, we found that our Italian greyhound Enzo had climbed onto the counter and eaten the middle out of the pie.

The worst part is that it’s a longtime family recipe that my mom makes every year for an uncle, and he looks forward to that pie all year.

We had to tell him that afternoon that the dog had eaten his pie!

Angela Farrell and her dachshund Philip:

As a new puppy and addition to our family, my future husband and I were very enthusiastic about showing Philip the dachshund the newly decorated Christmas tree.

We had sweet visions of him curling up in front of the fire as the tree’s lights twinkled.

But he had different ideas.

2005-Christmas Philip the dachshund

When we opened the door, he ran to the tree, picked up his leg and peed all over it.

Anthony Filomena and his Labrador Max:

Max the yellow LabMax the yellow LabradorBack in Christmas of 2004, it was Christmas Eve and I was 13 and beyond frustrated with parents whom I had begged for at least the two years prior to get a dog for me for Christmas.

After they told me it was not going to happen for the second year in a row, I went to bed extremely early while we had family and guests over because I was very stubborn.

The next morning when they all wanted to get up, around 6 a.m., I remember staying in bed and still pouting that if I didn’t have one I wasn’t coming. The next thing I knew my two aunts and cousin had walked into my room, saying come downstairs.

It was extremely weird for them to be over so early on Christmas morning, and to my surprise, as I go downstairs, there he was! Eight-week-old, purebred yellow Labrador puppy – I soon named him Max! It was seriously the best surprise of my life.

I remember a few days later and the next year or two we had to be extremely careful around Christmas time as he would eat all of the ornaments off the tree, pee on the tree, and he would always open up people’s presents under the Christmas tree!

OK, how about the rest of you? What stories do you have?

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Robin Doster

Wednesday 21st of December 2016

We had a JRT named Bluekey Nose and one year we head a friend in to do some hunting with my husband. The man decided to take nap and left his heart milk on the table. Well when he woke the pill was gone. We called the vet and was advised to give her peroxide by the tsp full until she threw up. Well, what to our wondering eyes did appear...No, not a pill, but our Pinocchio ornament from off the tree!!!


Wednesday 21st of December 2016

We have several pines in our yard that we decorate and yep, Gus our big goofy mutt peed on it and got the shock of his life! I almost peed myself laughing, he was ok .


Wednesday 31st of December 2014

Great stories. Sometimes we forget how confusing it must be to male dogs when they're expected to pee on a tree outside, but not indoors. One of my favorite pet stories is the one about a certain cat running by us all with a loaf of bread in tow as we sat opening gifts... Guess who?

Kimberly Gauthier

Friday 26th of December 2014

We don't decorate (Scout puts everything in his mouth still) or have a tree (Rodrigo would pee on it). I don't even wrap their gifts. What we do is give them the wrapping paper roll (the cardboard when you've gone through the paper) to play with. They love that.

Rachel @ My Two Pitties

Monday 22nd of December 2014

Cute stories! Norman was interested in the (fake) Christmas tree at the hospital during our last therapy visit. I let him go check it out, then he inched forward into pee position and I luckily pulled him away in time! That would have been so embarrassing!

When I was a kid I was snooping through the presents under the tree & knocked it over. The next morning I either blamed it on the dog or the cat...can't remember which! But one year our Beagle chewed up all the ornaments she could reach on the bottom part of the tree. Buh bye nostalgic family ornaments! She also chewed up a 6 pack of troll dolls I got as a present. :/

Lindsay Stordahl

Tuesday 23rd of December 2014

Oh my gosh, that's so funny about Norman. Ha! I can't imagine him doing that. He's such a good boy. Great stories about you and your beagle too! Haha! Troll dolls.