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Merry Christmas to Beamer, the cat who eats everything in sight!

He’s eaten Ibuprofen, an aloe plant and a whole corn cob

Recently my cat Beamer got into the garbage (my fault) and ate an entire leftover chicken breast and several bites of steak.

I had just cleaned the fridge.

This cat never fails to amaze me. He will eat anything.

He does this quickly and quietly – a true hunter – so we often don’t notice what’s stolen until it’s simply gone.

You know the material raw chicken comes in? Like, the clear plastic wrap plus that foam material? Yeah, he’s eaten part of that.

Didn’t faze’m.

One Christmas, he took off with an entire loaf of pumpkin bread wrapped in a bag. We caught him as he tried to make a mad dash under the bed.

He takes anything off the counters: fortune cookies, bacon, a sandwich.

My cat Beamer will eat anything

A corn cob? He ate the whole thing. The. Whole. Cob.

Avocados? Chomped away on those.

Part of an aloe plant? Gone. That plant’s dead.

Bananas, used paper towels, carpet threads and dog-hair “dust bunnies?” … check, check, check and check!

He ate an unknown amount of Ibuprofen (my fault again), and while he was very sick for a few days, he lived.

If you accidentally drop any type of medication … birth control … a foster dog’s pain medication … he runs over in a near panic to swallow it.

He killed and ate an entire bunny, not to mention the other creatures he managed to catch and murder.

Oh, Beamer. Such a terror.

We love you, and we’ve learned to manage you really well by now, for your safety and our sanity.

Always an opportunist. What will you get into next?

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