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Dog survives 150-foot fall during Christmas Day hike

Just a reminder of what can happen when we’re out on the trails with our dogs.

A 3-year-old dog named Sandy survived a 150-foot fall down a cliff in the Columbia Gorge on Christmas, according to KTVZ News of central Oregon.

She had been hiking with her owner David Schelske, according to KTVZ. A rescue team from the Oregon Humane Society was sent out to rescue the dog.

From KTVZ:

Volunteer John Thoeni rappelled 150 feet down a sheer cliff to locate the dog, who miraculously had suffered only minor injuries. The dog was trapped on a tiny, inaccessible ledge about 70 feet above the creek.

The ledge was too small for Thoeni to climb onto, so he fitted a rescue harness on the frightened dog and the two were hoisted to safety by the other members of the rescue team.

Sandy was reunited with her owner and the OHS team hiked back down the trail with the pair, arriving at the trailhead at about 11:30 pm. Sandy was able to walk down the trail on her own power.

Sandy with her owner

I’m so glad Sandy ended up OK. She is pictured above with her owner, and there’s a video below. Full story here.

I know many of you will be out hiking with your dogs this week (I will be too). This story was just a case of bad (and good!) luck, but it still serves as a reminder to keep safety in mind. Before a hike, always put ID tags on your dog, carry a phone and tell someone where you’re going.

Have any of you had any close calls while hiking with your dogs?

I hope you haven’t, but maybe we can all learn something from your story.

Photo and video from Oregon Humane Society.

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