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Poodle found with rubber bands wound around muzzle – San Diego

I don’t like to post stories about dogs being mistreated because these rare, isolated incidents are often blown way out of proportion.

But, this is a local story, and the San Diego County Department of Animal Services is asking for the public’s help.

A San Diego resident contacted the County Department of Animal Services Saturday after seeing an injured poodle running loose in a park, according to the San Diego County News Center.

An animal control officer responded and found a female white poodle with several rubber bands around her muzzle, according to the SDCNC.

From the SDCNC:

The dog was immediately transported to the department’s animal care facility on Gaines Street, where veterinary staff removed the rubber bands and treated the dog’s injuries. The rubber bands had been on the dog for so long that the bands had cut all the way down to the bones in the dog’s muzzle. 

“This may have been some sick attempt to keep this sweet dog from barking,” stated Dawn Danielson, the Director of Animal Services.  “However, their actions have caused this poor dog to suffer horrendous pain for a very long time.”

Based upon the seriousness of the dog’s injuries, the department has started an animal abuse investigation.

Poodle with rubber bands around muzzle San Diego

The Department said on its Facebook page that it is asking for the public’s help in finding the person who did this. Full story here. Photo from SDCNC.

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