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Pitbull rescued from Michael Vick’s dog fighting compound dies

So sad to hear that another one of the dogs rescued from Michael Vick’s dog-fighting compound in 2007 has died.

From CNN:

Gracie, a black pit bull, died Monday morning, according to Amy McCracken, executive director of the Richmond Animal League.

“This morning, little, old, bow-legged Gracie passed away and got her angel wings. Any words we write here could never begin to express the profound, positive and lasting impact that this little, black pit bull had on so many people who encountered her or heard the story of her suffering and triumph,” said a post on the animal’s league’s “Gracie’s Guardians” Facebook page.

“We are and will be forever grateful for this little, broken black dog and everything she personified.”

Gracie arrived at the Richmond Animal League in 2007 and was quickly adopted by the group’s board president, according to CNN. She had been used as a breeding dog, not a fighter.

It’s so heartbreaking that as a whole, the dogs rescued from Vick’s compound are aging and passing away. Their stories are inspiring, and if you haven’t read The Lost Dogs, I recommend you do.

Gracie the black pitbull rescued from Michael Vick

Gracie is pictured above, photo from the Facebook page “Gracie’s Guardians.” Full story here.

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