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This Utah police department has a rat terrier as its mascot

A 12-week-old rat terrier is the mascot of a police department north of Salt Lake City, according to an article from

The dog’s job is to help boost the morale of the entire department.

Stephanie Gonzales is a crime prevention specialist for the Woods Cross Police Department, and her family adopted “Spoticus” – Spot for short – before Christmas, according to Today.

She then began bringing him to work.


… while Spot doesn’t have any official duties, he does offer a valuable service.

“The detective walked in, he was in a grumpy mood,” Gonzales said of Spot’s first day reporting for duty. “He’d just had a horrible call, and [Spot] just runs up and completely loves him. And [Spot] does that with every officer.”

The impression Spot had on her co-workers and visitors that first day convinced Gonzales to bring Spot along on a daily basis. “Everybody who came in the office — whether you work here or wanted to make a police report — has been like, ‘Oh, what a cute dog!'” she added. “Even if you’re in the worst mood, I mean, [there’s] a little puppy. How do you not love that?”

Rat terrier is police mascot in Utah

Spot’s greatest accomplishment so far has been to calm a lost boy who had been brought to the station, the article said. The boy was hesitant around the police until he saw the dog. Spot was then able to calm the boy so the child could tell the police his name and phone number and get back to his parents.

Good boy, Spot!

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