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What 5 Dog Breeds Would You Love to Own?

Dog lovers always want more dogs, but thankfully most of us realize we have limits. 🙂

If you could reasonably own five dogs of any breed, what are five breeds you would love to own?

You know, in a perfect world where you could actually afford and manage five different types of dogs.

And for those of you who actually can do this, I am jealous!

Here are my five:

5 dog breeds I would love to own

Beglian malinois

1. Belgian malinois:

The photo above was posted on the Facebook group I belong to, Belgian malinois fans.

2. Rhodesian ridgeback:

Photo from Stefanie Radke.

Rhodesian ridgebacks

3. vizsla:

Lily and Lloyd vizslas

4. German shorthaired pointer:

Henry is for adoption with California German shorthaired pointer rescue.

German shorthaired pointer rescue

5. pitbull

(And by pitbull, I mean pitbull mix, not necessarily American pit bull terrier.)

Sammie the cute pitbull mix

I’d love to hear the list of breeds the rest of you would love to own.

As you can see, I am drawn to breeds that are generally high energy (with the exception of pitbulls) and low maintenance as far as grooming.

In reality, most of these dogs would probably drive me nuts! 🙂

But I do love the idea of a challenge. I love training and I’d love a dog with the ability to do agility and to go running with me.

So how about you?

I saw this topic come up on the blog Rubicon Days and I thought it was fun.



Monday 10th of October 2016

Our next dog was going to be a Jack Russell terrier, a French bulldog, Rhodesian ridgeback, NEVER a staffy. But we made a connection with her and we took the plunge!


Monday 10th of October 2016

I rescued a staffordshire terrier from the pound and she's AMAZING. She adores people and dogs of all shapes and sizes. She's so attentive and LOVES to train! I take her to doggie daycare and if the bigger dogs aren't a playful group, they put her in with the smaller dogs! She has dog walkers and they walk her with several dogs. Occasionally they tie a small dog to her. She loves it. She's athletic and requires ALOT of exercise,so we've trained her to heel while we run her 30 or so minutes w a bike. She likes to run along side me when I run as well. The wisdom panel said she was FULL STAFFY. She's only 50 lbs at full grown. She has changed ALOT of our friends minds about this type of dog. We just adore her!


Monday 10th of October 2016

Boy this is hard. I just love dogs...Right now we have a mini aussie...and I adore him and love his energy (there are challenges as well), so I would do this breed again, IF I had more time. Mastiff, have a friend with one and I have fallen in love Goldens Hounds....if I had a farm Jack we go with high energy again


Thursday 23rd of April 2015

I've recently realized that at the rate of 2 dogs at a time and them averaging 16yo I'm not going to live long enough to have all the breeds I want to have :(

Assuming homeowners ins is no longer a factor

1. Doberman - Mine died 4 years ago and even though she could be a PIA she was the best dog ever. Also known as my 'be careful what you wish for' dog. I wanted a dog that that had high drive and intelligence (so we could compete in obedience) had stamina (so we could go mountain biking) and was fun. She had it all - I should have also asked for an attention span! :)

2. Clumber Spaniel - I was all set to have one as my 'next' breed before I had these 2 and I got scared off by their tendency to eat things. Of course, my current cocker eats just about anything not nailed down.

3. Pit Bull - love those square faces and sturdy bodies. Also love the temperament (when its correct)

4. American Bulldog see above

5 eng bulldog, papillion, golden, viszla , havanese, mini aussie, and weim .... :)

Barbara Rivers

Monday 20th of April 2015

Great list, Lindsay! I love all the breeds you mentioned as well, and have just recently had the pleasure of getting to care for a Belgian Malinois girl, Halo :-) Here's my list: 1) Boxer 2) Weimaraner 3) Belgian Malinois 4) Great Dane (only bummer is their fairly short life span..) 5) German Shepherd