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The Ritual of Walking My Dog: Paws on the Sidewalk, Leash in My Hand

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I can be a somewhat undisciplined person. I roll out of bed later than I’d like. I check Facebook way too often. I go running half-assed and didn’t get that blog post written yesterday.

Walking my dog is one area where I’m always dedicated.

It’s my morning meditation, the 20 to 30 minutes per day where my dog has my full attention. Before I get distracted.

I wake up, pour a scoop of food in my cat Scout’s bowl, clip the leash and we’re out. Ideally around 5:45 or so. It’s light these days. In winter, still dark.

We see the same people every morning.

The guy with the coffee mug and truck. The same 3 at the bus stop. The older woman and her suitcase. The young woman and her standard poodle. The guy with the limp.

We make it to the park most mornings. Ace sniffs the grass, pees on things.

We play like we used to in West Fargo’s Elmwood Park, on those mornings so cold we had to run and play just to stay (almost) warm.

When I got my young dog 8 years ago I’d take him running with a pack on his back.

I’m glad a walk is just fine now.

It’s peaceful, the town just awakening.

Paws on the sidewalk, leash in my hand.

Friend at my side.

What is your walking ritual like?

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Rachel @ My Two Pitties

Friday 10th of July 2015

That sounds so lovely! I am the same way. I slack off in a lot of areas but I always get my dogs out, rarely for less than an hour. Since I work from home, I'm around the house on my computer most of the day and really look forward to getting some fresh air and exercise with them. We do late afternoon or evening outings so Kaya & Norman are pretty lazy all day 'til they know it's time.

I almost never talk on the phone or even walk with anyone else so it's just us on a hike or at the park, beach, etc. I do like to listen to music and I sometime imagine certain songs as their soundtrack when they are running around. :)


Wednesday 8th of July 2015

9 am my dachshund is prancing on the bed wanting to go out. every day at the same time its like an alarm clock that jumps around on the bed and walks on my face till I get up. pretty efficient lol


Tuesday 7th of July 2015

Our ritual is pretty ingrained too. Steve gets up first & feeds the dogs. I get up about an hour later - usually 5:30-6am, work for a bit and then head out with the dogs for our walk. Most days, we drive down to the park at the end of our street and I walk them there - we rarely run into anyone, it's a dirt path so easier on their paws. Two days a week Steve runs with them - so he'll drive them to the park for their run. I may get ambitious and walk (or run) down to meet them and all drive home together.


Tuesday 7th of July 2015

I love this post. I almost miss the mornings before we put up the fence at our old house, taking Neeko (who was an only dog at the time) out on a leash. Some mornings it was a full walk, some mornings it was me in my bathrobe with a cup of coffee in my hand while she did her business.

Julia at Home on 129 Acres

Tuesday 7th of July 2015

I do the morning walks in our house too. We're out the door by 6. We open the driveway gate for my husband, and then either head out across the fields or along the road for a half hour. Field walks are our favourite, but the mosquitoes are a bit nasty these days, so we're spending more time on the roads--not as relaxing for me and definitely not as interesting for Baxter. Regardless, I love our quiet morning time together.