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The Right Time for a Second Dog

My dog is retired from running.

He is enjoying the good life, of course.

But I’m excited for another running partner, a hiking dog, an agility dog. One that can go for miles and miles.

I sense it is time to add another dog to our life. My husband seems to understand.

We’ve been talking about it for years, but it’s different now – not just a dog lover wanting more dogs but something truly missing.

I am an active person without an active dog.

Ace will be 10 in March. It’s important to me to involve him in raising our next pup, if possible. Shaping another good dog.

I doubt we will ever have a dog as “perfect” as Ace, but he is a good role model, a patient teacher.

I like to think that going out and loving another good dog is a way to honor my current dog and all past dogs.

Providing a good home, living adventures, doing the best we can.

Ace my senior Lab mix

How did you decide when to add another dog to your family?

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