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Should You Eat Before Your Dog? Plato Pet Treats Giveaway

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I know people get all bent out of shape over anything that suggests “pack theory” in dog training such as eating before your dog.

But I actually did eat before my dog for quite some time after I adopted him.

No, this rule wasn’t necessary, but you know what it did? It helped me maintain a consistent routine for my young, rowdy dog, which is what he needed most.

I don’t think a dog will truly remember (or care) who eats first. What really matters is that he learns to follow whatever rules his family establishes and that he gets rewarded for it.

What rules do you set for your dog regarding mealtimes? Let me know in the comments.

Here are the two rules I set for my dog:

Rule #1: I provide my dog with some sort of “work” before he eats.

My Lab mix Ace with EOS Turkey treats Plato Pet Treats

I prefer to feed my dog right after his morning and evening walks so he’s had to “work” for his food.

EOS turkey and cranberry Plato Pet TreatsAll dogs are working dogs at heart and mine is no exception. Ace thrives if he’s given consistent expectations and challenges.

When he was younger and more energetic, his work was to go on a long run with me every morning. Now that he’s older and our walks are shorter, I bring along a couple of treats and we use the time to practice tricks or obedience commands.

I’ve been using Plato’s Turkey and Cranberry EOS treats. I put 3 or 4 in my pocket, and I can either break them into little pieces or give them to my dog whole.

Rule #2: I don’t allow whining or begging while I eat.

I taught my dog to lie quietly on his dog bed during my meals. I don’t even care if he stares at me from across the room; I just don’t want him in my face or whining.

[quote_center]Sometimes I eat first. Sometimes he eats first. It doesn’t really matter …[/quote_center]

This teaches my dog self-control, regardless of who eats first. Sometimes I eat first. Sometimes he eats first. It doesn’t really matter, but I can’t have him hovering and flinging drool everywhere. Gross.

How many of you are hosting a Thanksgiving dinner or traveling somewhere with your dog this month?

Plato Pet Treats logoIf you need to keep your dog calm and quiet during a holiday meal (or during any gathering), a good option is to stuff some treats into a Kong or other toy.

The EOS from Plato Pet Treats are soft, making them perfect for stuffing into any type of puzzle toy.

I remember one year we had my husband’s mom visiting for Thanksgiving and Ace would NOT stop whining during our meal! (So annoying.)

The EOS would’ve helped our young dog settle down that year. And now that we’re contemplating getting a 2nd dog, guess what will come in handy for keeping a youngster occupied?

More info on the EOS treats from Plato Pet Treats

Leave a comment below to enter our giveaway!

Plato Pet Treats Eos Turkey Cranberry

Your dog will love the EOS treats any time of year, but they’d be especially cute to have around during the holidays because they come in three festive varieties:


  • Turkey & pumpkin
  • Turkey & sweet potato
  • Turkey & cranberry


The EOS are made with a single protein (turkey), and because of the limited ingredients they are good for dogs with skin issues, allergies or food sensitivities.

The treats are grain free, gluten free and do not include added sugars, by-products, artificial preservatives or artificial colors.

Plato Pet Treats are made in California with natural ingredients. Here is a great video that gives more info on the company. Well done.

Where to order Plato Pet Treats

If you would like to order Plato’s EOS treats for your dog, you can order a 12-ounce bag on Amazon. Order here.

The treats are also available at various retail locations. Search for a store near you.

Click here to order.

EOS turkey and pumpking Plato Pet TreatsGiveaway – Win a Free Prize Pack of Treats from Plato Pet Treats

Plato Pet Treats is giving away a Thanksgiving Feast to three lucky readers of That Mutt!

*Congrats to Amy A., Wehaf & Kimberly G.

The winners will each receive a large (12-ounce) bag of the EOS in each variety – turkey & pumpkin, turkey & cranberry and turkey & sweet potato. Retail value is $45 for all three.

To enter, just leave a comment below to let me know your pup is interested! What rules would the treats help your dog learn?

I’ll choose three winners at random on Thursday Nov. 19. Must have a U.S. mailing address to enter.

My mutt Ace with EOS from Plato Pet Treats

Would your pup like to try Plato’s EOS treats?

Let me know in the comments!

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Jan Roberts

Thursday 19th of November 2015

My fosters quickly learn our No begging" rule. They know EXACTLY when doggie treat times are, and it is NOT when the humans are eating! I know they would love the Plato treats!


Thursday 19th of November 2015

Our 3 dogs eat dinner while we are eating. Then before bed they get treats. This would be great idea for the nightly treats.

Terri ingham bollin

Thursday 19th of November 2015

After dinner Kado goes outside to do his "business" then he comes in and sits so nice while waiting for his after dinner treats.

Sandy Weinstein

Wednesday 18th of November 2015

my girls love Plato, especially the venison. these are especially appropriate for Thanksgiving. treats would help my 2 younger girls to sit and stay and come when called. although my middle child get preoccupied with what is going on outside....when there are deer or other animals outside, they would rather go after them and bark at them.

Brenda Abrams

Tuesday 17th of November 2015

I have five dogs they all love turkey, pumpkin, sweet potato and cranberries! Thank you for this chance!!