Dog Squeaky Toy That People Can’t Hear – Hear Doggy! Giveaway

Note: This post is written by Julia Thomson from the blog Home On 129 Acres. Hear Doggy! is providing the toys for our giveaway.

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We were over at our friends’ house for dinner. Their dog was very nicely sharing her toys with our dog, Baxter.

I pulled a stuffed moose out of the toy box and gave it a squeeze.

I said, “Oh, the squeaker’s popped. We have lots of these toys at our house too.”

Our friend said to me, “No. It’s not popped. Look at Baxter.”

Sure enough, I gave it a squeeze again and saw his ears twitch in anticipation. I tossed the toy, and he took off after it and then spent the evening happily squeezing the toy.

[quote_center]The squeaker is pitched to a frequency that dogs can hear but humans cannot.[/quote_center]

It turns out, the toy was a Hear Doggy! At its heart is a “silent” squeaker. The squeaker is pitched to a frequency that dogs can hear but humans cannot. And it was a huge hit with our dog.

A few weeks later found us back in our friends’ neighborhood, so we popped into the local pet store. There was a wall full of Hear Doggy! animals.

We tried them all out—no squeaks—and picked out the animal that we thought Baxter would like best—a cow. At the last minute, we reconsidered our choice of a white dog toy and said, “Let’s get the yellow cow instead.”

At the counter, the clerk said, “Did you find what you were looking for?”

“Yep. We’re going to take the yellow cow.”

“Ummm, you mean the giraffe?”

Hear Doggy Giraffe Toy

“Uh, yeah, the giraffe.”


Cow or giraffe, it didn’t matter to Baxter.

He loves his “Yellow Cow.” He will happily chomp away, squeaking silently. Baxter has been known to tear stuffies apart, but he has not attempted to mutilate Yellow Cow.

Hear Doggy! is also sturdy enough to stand up to fetch, tug and regular rounds in the washing machine. Plus, the squeaker is still squeaking away—apparently. All we hear is an occasional gush of air being pushed out of the toy.

If your dog likes squeaker toys—and you don’t love hearing the sound over and over and over again—Hear Doggy! is a great solution. Human and dog approved.

Baxter the boxer mix with his Hear Doggy toy

*Note: After That Mutt reached out to Hear Doggy for this post, they sent Baxter a new toy—a white cow! White Cow is Baxter’s new best friend. Thanks so much to Hear Doggy!

Giveaway – Win three free Hear Doggy! toys for your dog

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Hear Doggy! toys

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69 thoughts on “Dog Squeaky Toy That People Can’t Hear – Hear Doggy! Giveaway”

  1. This is so awesome!! My baby girl LOVES the squeakers!! She will even go to my face and keep squeaking her ducky!! I do buy her the Kong Squeaky Balls, since she love to chase and sometimes bring them back! I think she would love the Alligator/Croc or the Purple Elephant! What a great idea!! Are these available online?? Must Have!!

  2. My two dogs go to town with the squeaker toys. I think the sound makes them feel like they’re winning. It just gives me a headache.

  3. This is awesome! Whenever we have friends over, or dog Broccoli will find his squeaky toy and chew it obsessively to get our attention. This will allow us to have a more normal social life 😛

  4. Linus would love to try one of these toys since “Mean Mom” has refused to purchase a new replacement for one of his favorite toys – a Kong squeaky tennis ball.

  5. This sounds like a great thing for when mom takes me to work. She seems to think that not all her co-workers appreciate squeaky toys and keeps mine put away most of the time.

  6. “Yellow Cow!!” I laughed so hard. It DOES look like a cow, though. I think I’d think the same thing . . . My dog would love to win a free squeaky toy! I have a hard time keeping up with his destructive capabilities; he will ONLY play with toys that squeak and tends to tear them to ribbons within hours. He also likes starting a squeak-fest right as my husband and I get into bed, so a quiet squeaker would be awesome!

  7. my 3 gals would love in!!! especially the baby now 5 she loves toys, neve enough for her, she hogs every new toy i get. she will even bury it in the couch so the other 2 gals cant play with it.

  8. Those toys are just too cute and I know Nala would love them plus she has a few doggy friends she would love to share with.

  9. How cute are those! Funny, I thought it was a cow too, but did think it was rather odd that the cow was yellow. Never seen a yellow cow before. Both my dogs love squeaky toys, but I think Maya would love it the most. She is obsessed with the squeaky sound. I only have one toy right now that still squeaks despite her constant chomping.

  10. OMG, my Oscar is a squeaky fanatic! He “trained” me to treat him @5:30 AM when he sits & watches me get the coffee going, squeaking anteater or yellow dog til I cave from the noise!! I will definitely put these on his Santa Paws list!!

  11. Oh my gosh, this is genius! These are definitely going on Ranger’s Amazon wish list (yes, he has one). The louder the squeak, the more he loves it/wants to destroy it.

  12. We have the purple elephant and my dog loves it! I’ll be getting her another, maybe for Christmas. Maybe the yellow cow. 😉

  13. No. Friggen. Way. If there’s a nobel prize for dog toys, well.. this one takes it!

    I don’t know if my dogs give a damn whether their squeaking annoys us or not, regardless, they would love these!

  14. How would one know if it stopped squeaking? We will pass as we find it funny watching Bailie race around squeaking her favorite squeaky toys, but for a lot of people these would be perfect!

  15. Please enter Missy and D.O.G. in this contest. They both love squeaker toys and go to town on them. I think it would be fun to see how they do with “Silent” ones and how well it will go over with the other half. Thanks for this opportunity!

  16. With 25 dogs in my home (I am a rescue) it is rather noisy during play time . Toys with “silent” squeakers would be a God send please enter us – LJ, Nash, Kya, Crissy, Jesse, Sam, Clarice, Ivy, Ferline, Willow, Sasha, Poncho, Binx, Hermie, Bumble, Tobin, Comet, Charlie, Dolly, Rip, Flip, Pesty, Itchy, Shorty & Dryfus in the giveaway . THANKS

  17. I can vouch for these! When Haley first got her “white” cow, I was skeptical because the squeaker sounded like a slight air sound (barely detectable) and she went crazy over the toy trying to kill the squeaker. We must have left the toy somewhere because it’s nowhere to be found around the house, so she would LOVE to have another one of these toys. Count us in! 🙂

  18. My one dog would absolutely love the options! She has a green squeaky toy that she sleeps with every night, I bet she would love the Alligator!

  19. Oh my gosh, my two would adore these! They respond to toys when training, and always love the squeaks. Great looking colors, too.

  20. Our dogs love squeaker toys, especially our Beagle. A Hear Doggy toy would be great for times when she is especially obsessed with squeaking her toys (and any other time, too).

  21. Stephanie Serafino

    These sound like something payton would love!!
    She has destroyed so many stuffed/ squeaky toys
    these sound like they would hold up better than those.

  22. i would love these, b/c the baby, 5, loves anything that makes noise, the more the better, sometimes she will go on and on….she likes toys that make noises, songs, squeaks, animals, etc. my oldest is almost completely deaf and she used to love toys, she still will play some, i wonder if she would be able to hear these….she can hear some pitches

  23. Oh our dogs would love them! They LOVE anything that squeaks! Haha…have to admit the squeakers drive me nuts sometimes when I am trying to sleep or on the phone…but oh they love to sqeak!!!

  24. kado would love these. He is a big squeaker toy fan and we are not going to be with him on Christmas so this might help him have a Merry Christmas till we get back from NY.

  25. We just got a new dog Ally and she’s 7 months old and loves toys and she is in the chewing phase so this would be great to win.

  26. Cordy would love this–she loves to greet us with a squeaky toy in her mouth when we get home and this would be a great addition to her collection.

  27. One of my dog’s absolute favorite things to do is play with stuffed animals, so winning this giveaway would make his day!

  28. I would love to win these for my foster doggies! They have had so little that they are deliriously happy to receive any and all toys and treats!

  29. why isn’t EVERY squeaker made this way? my dog destroyed the toy he had like this, so I put the silent squeaker into something else (and it came out a little funny looking, but, works!). he will squeak a toy until it is no longer able to squeak – whatever the time of day lol – so these are the best kinds of dog toys I’ve ever come across!

  30. Gismo needs to learn to play. All he does is sleep or get aggressive with me and I need to get this aggression under control. There are so many times I try to get him to play but he just won’t. This xmas I bought a kong and treats for him. hopefully getting mental stimulation will help! Gizmo says thank you!

  31. Our Sophie would absolutely love to win these toys!!! She loves to play constantly and it is hard to find quality toys!

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