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What’s in Your Dog’s Christmas Stocking? Plato Pet Treats

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Note: That Mutt has partnered with Plato Pet Treats to bring you this post.

Do you give your dog gifts for the holidays?

I thought it would be fun to ask a couple of dogs what they would like to find in their Christmas stockings this year. (OK, I asked their owners.) You’ll find their answers below.

I know my own dog Ace would love to find a stocking full of tennis balls during our holiday gift opening.

Well, stuffed squeaky toys would also do. And also any food!

If your dog is TREAT CRAZED like mine, the Thinker Stick Singles from Plato Pet Treats make a really cute option for stocking stuffers.

More about the Thinker Sticks from Plato Pet Treats

My dog Ace with Plato Pet Treats

Just leave a comment below to enter to win some Thinker Sticks for your pup. Click here.

Plato Pet Treats ThinkersThe Thinker Stick Singles are a new addition to Plato Pet Treats. They are individually wrapped, so they make the perfect stocking stuffers for dogs.

The treats contain NO:


  • added sugars
  • by-products
  • artificial colors
  • artificial preservatives
  • soy, corn or wheat


Plato Pet Treat Thinker StickThe “Thinkers” come in three protein choices – duck, chicken or Pacific salmon and contain gluten-free brown rice as the only grain ingredient.

Ace loves the salmon flavor best, and you can guess who else goes nuts over these sticks (my cat Beamer!).

The reason I love these sticks is because they’re a healthy treat with real ingredients, but they’re also fun to snap into pieces. The sticks are soft, and I break them up and stuff them into Ace’s Kong toy.

In addition to the Thinker Stick Singles, the Thinker Sticks are also available in 22oz or 10oz bags. (When they’re in the bags, they’re not individually wrapped.)

Order a bag of Thinkers here.

What would your dog like to find in his Christmas Stocking?

I asked several dog lovers what their dogs would like to find in their Christmas stockings this year.

Here’s what they had to say:

Shannon K. Steffen and her dogs Dakota & Cheyenne:

Dakota and Cheyenne chocolate Labradors

“Labrador retrievers love to chew on things. So, Santa puts extra-large antler chews in their stockings each and every year. These make our whole family happy – they get something they love and I get to keep my shoes intact for another few months.”

Senior Airman Robyne Keller and her dog Chance:

Chance the rescue dog

“If Chance could have anything in his stocking, it would be his Grandma and Grandpa. They miss him very much.”

Beaux Cooper and her dogs Izzie & Murphy:

Beaux Cooper and her dogs

“As anyone knows, no two dogs are alike in personality so our babes’ stockings will differ just as they do. For Izzie: ropes, ropes, and more ropes! She loves them and always lights up when she pulls one out of her stocking. Murphy will be getting new booties for his sensitive feet and probably a bandanna to bring out his soulful eyes!”

Vivi Kalvig and her dog Atom:

Atom the German shepherd

In Atom’s own words 🙂

“A bag of old, dug up bones with some meaty gravy and some of that pasta salad that you never give me! Also, a huge teddy bear I can rip apart without being told off, a pair of fluffy slippers just for ME, a big, bouncy, gumball and a soft bed with a fluffy throw. Woof!”

Adelaida Diaz-Roa and her dog Mico:

Adelaida and Mico

“I go biking with my pup all of the time so I’m thinking of getting him some goggles and a custom little helmet.”

Jo Jo Harder and Romeo:

Romeo the Italian greyhound

“My top dog Romeo would love to find a ‘chicken’ in his Christmas stocking. I have never seen a dog get so excited just upon hearing this word!”

Nancy Lauseng and her dogs Benson & Duke:

Benson and Duke

“I’d love for our black lab Benson to find some tennis balls in his Christmas stocking. That’s all he really wants so he can play fetch all day long. If Benson’s happy, everyone’s happy!

“I’d love for our hound dog Duke to find some rawhides in his stocking so he doesn’t eat Benson’s tennis balls. He would also like to find a squirrel in his stocking since his passion is chasing squirrels. I would prefer that it be a stuffed animal squirrel and not a real one!”

Kimberly Gauthier and her dogs Rodrigo, Sydney, Scout & Zoey:

Kimberly Gauthier and her pack

“This year, we will be filling our dogs’ stocking with toys ordered from Etsy. Our pups are super passionate about supporting small businesses and we want to be supportive. I’m crossing my fingers that the dogs will put a new meat grinder in my stocking. I’m on the Good Dog Mom list. I’m great!”

How about the rest of you? What would YOUR pup like to find in his holiday stocking this year?

I’m guessing most dogs would appreciate some Plato Pet Treats, so that’s why we’re offering this great giveaway!

Giveaway – Win Plato’s Thinker Stick Singles for your dog!

Plato Pet Treats Gift PackPlato Pet Treats is giving away a gift set of Thinker Stick Singles to three lucky readers of That Mutt.

*Congrats to the winners: Malley, Sandy W. and Rhonda

Each winner will receive a limited edition gift set that includes each flavor packaged together. Adorable!

To enter: Just leave a comment below to let me know what your dog would like to find in his stocking this year!

Must have a U.S. mailing address to win. I will choose three winners at random on Wednesday Dec. 16.

Leave a comment below to enter!

Learn more about Plato Pet Treats here.

What does your dog want to find in his holiday stocking?

Let me know!

Plato Thinker Sticks with Ace

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Friday 18th of December 2015

did i win?!

Lindsay Stordahl

Friday 18th of December 2015

Yes! I will email you.

Lindsay Stordahl

Wednesday 16th of December 2015

Congrats to the winners: Malley, Sandy W. and Rhonda!

Kiki S

Tuesday 15th of December 2015

Antlers and water buffalo horns!


Monday 14th of December 2015

my dog would loveeeeee these!!


Monday 14th of December 2015