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Open Farm Dry Dog Food Review

Healthy dog food that is ethically raised and sourced

Note: That Mutt has partnered with Open Farm to bring you this post and giveaway.

I’m not sure how many of you remember this, but I was a vegetarian for about five years.

This wasn’t because I am against using animals for food. It was because I am deeply concerned about how factory farm animals are raised.

It’s no secret that the conditions most of these animals live in are horrific. The treatment they receive throughout their entire lives is also a nightmare.

But I’m not suggesting you give up meat, and I would never consider a vegetarian diet for a dog. Instead, we can all do the best we can to buy our food from ethical, humane sources.

Here’s where Open Farm pet food comes in.

More info on Open Farm dog food

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Open Farm is the first ethically raised and sourced dog food on the market.

The company is based in Canada and says it is rooted in the belief that the best ingredients are grown and raised by farmers who respect the land and the animals under their care. Its recipes are prepared with ocean caught fish, locally grown vegetables and meat that is 100 percent certified by the Humane Farm Animal Care Program, a nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of farm animals.

“Our ‘Do Some Good’ concept means that pet parents can feed the best quality ingredients to their pets while making a positive impact for farm animals, family farms and the environment,” according to Open Farm.

This 3-minute video from Open Farm describes the brand’s mission. I think it’s a company you’ll want to support.

Some key points that set this food apart from others:

Open Farm logo

  • Open Farm wanted to give people a humane option for buying pet food.
  • The company’s meat and poultry is 100 percent certified by the Humane Farm Animal Care Program.
  • The company uses ocean caught, seasonally sourced fish.
  • 90 percent of its fruits and vegetables are grown locally.
  • It set up a recycling program for its dog food bags with TerraCycle.

To read more details on the company’s high standards, click here.

Where to order Open Farm dog food

Open Farm dog food is available at various retail locations around the United States and Canada. Click here to enter your zip code and find a retailer near you.

The food comes in three varieties: Homestead Turkey & Chicken, Farmer’s Market Pork & Root Vegetable and Catch of the Season Whitefish & Green Lentil. All recipes are grain free, and the food comes in 4.5-pound, 12-pound and 24-pound bags.

The larger bags retail for around $75. I think this is a good price. While the cost is similar to other grain-free brands, Open Farm voluntarily holds itself to much higher standards than other companies.

Click here to order the food on

Open Farm Dry Dog Food

What I like about Open Farm’s food

1. I don’t have to feel guilty about feeding this food to my dog. I know the animals raised for this food were treated humanely because the company says its entire “food-to-bowl” supply chain is audited and certified by the Humane Farm Animal Care Program.

2. Open Farm launched a “traceability app” where you can instantly trace the origin of every ingredient in any bag. Simply visit Open Farm’s site, enter the code on the back of your bag and you will be able to see where each ingredient originated.

3. While I generally encourage dog owners to consider feeding raw food, I absolutely recommend Open Farm as a high-quality dry food and am 100 percent comfortable feeding it to my dog.

Ace the black Lab mix with Open Farm

Is there anything not so good?

No, not really!

1. Price is always an issue when it comes to healthier food. For those who can’t quite afford this food, I would suggest adding it to a rotation where you mix it in with your dog’s regular food every other month or so.

2. There’s no cat food version available. Maybe soon? 🙂

3. There are only three varieties to choose from. I actually like that there are only three selections. I think simple is good. However, some dogs need more options to meet their needs, so Open Farm might not be right for them.

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Open Farm Dry Dog Food Review

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Paula Goodwin

Monday 30th of December 2019

I am very interested in this product for my dog. I would like to know if it meets the WSAVA global nutritional committee . There is so much out the that is hurting our dogs and I hate to waste the money I sounds like there are not harmful lentils, but just want to make sure my dog is eating a good source. Thank you

Lindsay Stordahl

Monday 30th of December 2019

No idea


Saturday 24th of March 2018

I would like to try a bag of this food beacause I love the fact that that the company is completely transparent. I like that they know exactley where all ingredients are coming from. I like that they are watching the processing of their product. I feel comfortable feeding this to my boy.

Sabina Howard

Tuesday 28th of June 2016

Hi! My new us Meesha and I'm a six-year-old malti-poo. I was raised on grocery store brands but have recently gone to live with grandma who would like to find a better food for me. We were both very impressed with Open Farm concern for not just the welfare of pets who eat their food but also the animals who supply it. I'm very excited to try this food and grandma says that it would be great to support an ethical company like Open Farm. So PICK ME! PICK ME!! PICK ME!!! Oops, grandma says to settle down; sorry grandma, but I'm just SO excited to try this wonderful - sounding food. Sincerely yours, Meesha (Snuggle rat extraordinare)


Thursday 28th of January 2016

I got a better Dry Dog Food Review! I would like to buy regularly!

Barbara Rivers

Monday 21st of December 2015

I no longer feed kibble, but I LOVE that this company only sources its protein from farms who treat their animals humanely. That's such an important aspect in today's profit-driven society.